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  1. hey guys i have started something new its called the emcda i find out who greifes reses who steals and who is lying if you have a crime please message on this thread or pm me on smp9 thank you from teh emcda jobs open
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  2. Say what?
  3. hey guys i have started something new its called the emcda i find out who greifs reses, who steals from chests and who is lying to you. if you have a crime please message on this thread or pm me on smp9 thank you from the emcda. jobs now open
  4. Grammer PLEZ?
  5. I think you should just go back to playing ;)
  6. because its SILLY :) you can't do any better than the rest of us who have to use F2 and capture screenshots; so unless you're a mod who can see everything you will not know more than the rest of us.
  7. i can work it out though
  8. Good luck! :)
  9. It's a cool idea but it just won't work sorry
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  10. why not hey you know that case of greifing with flintnsteel/lava i know who it wass it was their neibour aka fire charge disspencer
  11. I like this idea.its a way to have fun AND help the community.Good idea
  12. might help if you could spell that right, but AFAIK only supporters are the only ones allowed with flint/steel and TNT everybody else is not permitted to use them. So if you see their name is colored, I'd be curious to know if any griefers pay for membership ;) (what a waste that would be?)
  13. Isn't that what the mods already do? Good idea, yes but does it really help the community? I don't know, but perhaps a "neighborhood watch" kind of thing is more appropriate and is more needed in the wilderness more than in town as in town you can set /flags :D
  14. Guys please don't put him down like that he is simply trying to help the community out. Please do not disrespect his opinions and ideas. Also meincravta your grammar isn't so perfect either. No need to criticize others on how they type. In the end maybe this will be the start of something big that will work to help fight the griefers that terrorise the empire. Creepervsbunny keep it up! Don't let people's criticism put you down! Don't laugh at others ideas it is just plain wrong. You can state your opinion in a respective manner.

    Keep it up creepervsbunny!

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  15. Yeah no, nobody's grammar is perfect.

    I think its helpful but investigating isn't much help if he isn't a moderator FWIW; I agree its a great idea but he should execute his ideas efficiently IMO. We need more eyes in the wilderness in spotting griefers and plugging grief holes (oh yeah I'm finding them all over West Outpost SMP4).
  16. yeah i have tried to become a mod i really have but that is because i want to stop people doing stuff like that. and guys just so you know if i seem to knew to know all this i have shared an acc with someone that had gold membership i remember someone greifing the old utopia community and i bet you could ask a mod and they would say that supporters do get banned; not everyone is perfect.