EMCAZONE first emc's amazon buisness

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Do you like my site

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no 5 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. Visit first emc's AMAZON buisness on https://emcppaolo.wixsite.com/emcazone. Here you can find a lot of products that you can order. It's simple why you don't make your life easier XD. Remember you will save a lot of time! The site is developed every day with new offer and new prodocts!!!:D:D
  2. It says refound instead of refund
    And rupies is spelled rupees
  3. Why do you need my email if you have my username? I'm not going to give my email to you.
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  4. it was to contact you if you have problem…. if it's proble i will remove mail
  5. With username it would just be easier to message them on forums. No need for other information. Just not everyone likes to have their email given out.

    Also some of the product buttons so not work. For example 'wood' doesn't lead to any pricing page. Is there none for sale or is this an error?
  6. GUS I MADE AN ERROR, I'M FIXING ALL BUG AND TOMORROW I WILL KEPT OUT MAIL. Let me know if you would have on EMC an amazon system? I'm able to program and i would help you
  7. Saddly i discovered that Email must be used, and to send me the message i can't remove it because I will recive the orther for mail so it ned an emissary. To solve this problem I've created a Public mail to use. In this way nobody will use his private Email!:D
  8. I can't find any of the prices, none of the buttons work
  9. You should not be asking players for their personal information such as email address's. Usernames should suffice.

    If you created the website, surely you could change it to have the players username instead.
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  10. He said earlier that the website broke when he tried to make it username-only. Use my email, sydney4363@outlook.com, instead. I'll PM you if something goes wrong.
  11. Do all the tabs Work?
  12. Why Lightfrost do you need our email?- I will defetly answer at thi question: The program that I'm using to build the site offer me the possibility to contact or be contacted only with EMAIL! SO, when you send me a message from my site I will recive an Email. This Email to be sent need an EMISSARY, and the emissary must use an Email adress, I don't need it to contact you, but i need it to be contacted. Looking all your post I sow that anyone would use his own Email address, and that's normal. To solve this PRIVACY problem I have created a Pubblic Address -emczone.shop@gmail.com - Using this address inside the field Email you won't use your PRIVATE address and you will recive the order without any problems. ;)
  13. Not all the tab are working because I'm finishing to set the products that I'm selling. I will probably end today and the site will be totaly work:D
  14. I have a wonderfull notice for all of you: now you cancontact me also from EMC forum without needed to Use your Email, Now the site have a page that will send you in a new EMC inbox