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  1. As many of you know, there have recently been multiple duplication glitches being exploited within the EMC community. Multiple new and old members of the EMC community, sold, gave and traded duplicated items at an unbelievable low price and in infinite quantities.

    Friday(6/8/12) the EMC community's administrative crew managed to catch a fairly large number of the glitch exploiters and duplicators - and a glitch-fix was implemented to stop further abuse and duplication.

    Some people have already managed to feel the negative effect the dupers have caused the EMC community - and some will be left untouched.

    Therefore members of the EMCake Party met Saturday(6/9/12) to discuss a few simple guidelines for the community to follow in the case of a duplication glitch being taken advantage of in the future.

    What to look out for

    The below will not apply for everyone - sometimes people will do the below without duping or exploiting. But with the current issues at hand, its important that we step up to the plate, as a community, as EMC addicts and a joined force against those that seek to ruin our community.

    Be aware of the following:
    • Infinite or large quantities of rare items at an unbelievable low price.
    • Drop parties featuring huge amounts of rare items.
    • Giveaways featuring huge amounts of rare items.
    • New members (within the hour) selling large amounts of rare items.

    What to do when you suspect duping
    • /report <USERNAME> <REASON>
      • Do this as soon as you suspect someone duping. This will leave a time-stamped report showing what time the incident occurred.
    • Check the "Staff online now" box on the right hand side of the EMC Forums. If a staff member is online - do a /p <USERNAME> ingame - and go to the server the staff member is currently on and /tell <USERNAME> - explain whats going on, where its going on, and who's doing it.

    It is very important that we, as a community, do not ramble on about false accusations as we have seen on the forums the past few days. Because in the end, in the case mentioned above, the accused was being hung out to dry - and he was in fact not guilty of duplicating items.

    Use the /report system with caution and respect for the people that have to read the reports. Make sure you have a well founded suspicion before reporting, and make sure you have considered the "Be aware of the following" (In the above section).

    What do you do after you've reported the suspected duper.

    We highly discourage reselling of diamonds that are suspected to be duped. Although it is not illegal to resell these duped diamonds not knowing they are duped, it can come back hard on your reputation, as people might suspect you as a duper as well.

    A duping incident is not something "new" here on the EMC community - and if these incidences are kept contained to a few people being "hit" with the duped diamonds - it will not have as big an effect on the EMC economy as the current situation have had.
  2. great I can catch up what I missed at the end :)
  3. Lol I can't believe people do this
  4. If you have any questions regarding this matter, or any issues that you would like to see the Empire MineCake Party bring to attention, Click on EMCake_Party's profile and go to the people the account is following. That accounts is following all Staff members and all EMCake Party members. If you need anything, PM either EMCake_Party or one of the non-staff members the account is following.
  5. Looks like people who "rushed" to make a mega shop fell down pretty quickly. For example Oleyy, he may have all the money in the world but his stock on items isn't full. This resulted in a huge drop for his money.
  6. I would like to add a couple ideas to this:
    The /report system was mainly created to report spam, people making a wrong usage of the language and other minor stuff related to the chat. Stuff such as hacking (dupping, fly hacking and others) SHALL be reported and discussed with staffmembers via PM, there is no way for thr staff to confirm any of this with square since thry would need prooves that can NOT be provided through this system. It is NOT recommended to report such things making usage of this tool.

    at last, I think you guys should give more in-depth help for the people, obviously the cheaters will have access to this and improve their methods, for example: selling items to all the shops in low quantities during longer time ranges, making usage of hacks or exploits to get more xp (faster) and create auctions making usage of this diamonds, making networks of different player/shops to sell such items in a more spreaded market generating less suspects... I belive you guys should re-discuss this looking forward to find other possible alternatives and how they could be beated, not only based on already discovered-existing facts.

    appart from that, thanks for updating the people with this information.
  7. As stated in the post - it is indeed needed to use the /report to create the right timestamp, most of the 5 people banned yesterday were banned due to written statements logged by square and other people in the EMC community.

    The emcpro.us post made my 621op does not incriminate him in any way - and we would prefer to not play "name the guy" - since it has been stated that its not the way to go by this. Our investigation is also very solid, i should know - i was there for all 5 bans.

    There is no need to re-discuss this based on "this could also happen, if there.. and then maybe.. and its possible that...". We can not and will not try and "find new ways" to dupe, sell, cheat or anything like that - its not in anyone's interest to discover these type of things. And if we do - this will indeed not be made public.

    I believe it is in the interest of the server that the mods takes care of predicting, preventing and disallowing the cheats and hacks - and its in the interest of the community that we, ourselves, is aware of the above..

    The last dupe episode we had here on EMC wasn't any different from the one we've had over the past 14 days - and it might be "old and already existing facts" to you - but apparently its not to everyone else.
  8. It seems like ths is not something you are open to discuss, still, I quote aikar here when I say that the best way to bring down hackers is getting to know them, how they operate and what tools they use to each of this ends.
    I did not suggest to look for ways to dupe but yes to research and find the possible ways they could operate and look for ways to prevent/defeat each one of them.
    Also, if someone state that:"i can find diamond pretty easily... in less than x time" and then gets incriminated by using hacks/exploits to get such diamonds, the previous statement made by him can be used against himself.
    Also, by old I mean PAST, Since you cant do anything about the past you should look in the future and find ways to prevent this of happening to YOU again. (for example making usage of the dirt shop limit trick or other ways to avoid mass buying)
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  9. Let's try to keep this thread active due to the importance of the topic covered.

    The community needs to be aware of the problems seen so that they know how to prevent it from happening in the future.
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  10. But i want my picks back or i want my 50k because those picks in there are worth 50k
  11. Do it in a PM.... -.-
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  12. He doesn't have any items with me -_-