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  1. We should make a minecraft pvp team, tell me what server.
  2. EMC does not allow PvP, nor does it allow the promotion of outside servers.
  3. XD other than those 2 rules its a great idea :p maybe one day EMC will have a PvP server ( one day as in 2-3 years)
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  4. 200-300 years you mean?
  5. no guys you really mean one day aikar time
  6. nano second *
  7. the closest thing emc has to pvp is doing buisness with an angry crowd
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  8. I'm sorry but I don't actually understand what you are talking about.

    Also Creator of Thread you remind me of AlexHallon ;)
  9. i mean arguing over prices
  10. he was my freind (alex) till i told him i suck at pvp... but i had a typo , "u suck at pvp" ...yep 1 letter
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  11. Omg, someone's going to steal our members!
    Ban advertising! Ban promotion! Ban the word "server"!
    *fear* *fear* *panic* *panic*!!!111!!11!!911
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