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  1. Check out the coordinates -757, -12471

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  2. Haha nice!
  3. I bet its been griefed by now!
  4. I hope not that would be sad. :( But you took a lot of time to do that to improve emc ( The best minecraft server):D
  5. Well did you make it out of cobble? If you did they might not have destroyed it!
  6. Yes, i made it out of cobble
  7. Think about full story in live map - worth of doing :3
  8. Thats awesome!!! I wish people would that instead of a swatisa
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  9. Ya i hate the people who put those on.:mad:
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  10. I like how your avatar face looks like it's looking up into the sky. Like we're all in an airplane and he's like: "LOOK WHAT I DID! HEY DOWN HERE!"
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  11. Ya only if they had airplanes.Lol. ;)
  12. The cool thing is, it actually goes up an down several levels, but because you see it from straight up it looks flat
  13. i know. its not cool