Emc Wont Get me on for longer then 5 seconds

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  1. So I logged on this morning and My friend Pmed me so i was about to pm him back when It just shut me out saying something like socket right error or something. i tryed it on other Smp's and it did the same. It was being really annoying and I needed to talk to somebody. Is this a very annoying bug? Other servers worked just fine?
  2. maybe the 1.6 update?
  3. nope, thats your computer, try restarting it if you want to, but thats as far as I can help you
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  4. I restarted it. Recontected the internet. Did everything I could. This is very annoying.
  5. :p could you type out the entire error message for us?
  6. Mkay.
    Internal exception: Java.net.SocketExeption: Software caused connection abort: recv failed
  7. :p hopefully someone else could figure that out, but you may just have to wait
  8. Fine.... :I
  9. This happens to me to every once in a while. Check your Internet, because you lost the connection from the server. Then just give it 30 minutes and you're fine. Also, go to a single player world then try to get on EMC again. Always works for me.
  10. Have you check your java version? sometime it needs an update or something.
  11. I dont know but its been going on for the whole day :/
  12. Do you have anything else running that could be conflicting with the client? And what launcher are you using?
  13. Is your java updated? Make sure it's constantly updated - if you have an update, please update this - as all the minecraft .jars are java based and will cause conflicts like this if your java isn't in sync with the update...

    Your firewall could possibly not allow java to pass through the ports... (which i don't think is the issue) ...

    It could possibly be a networking issue, Aikar would have to check into that, if it was...

    But First thing is first, check your java - then see.
  14. Try Reboot your router,
    Update Java,
    Reinstall Minecraft,
    Try to ping empire.us with CMD,
    Go to internet explorer and change to LAN setting to default,
    Try connecting to the server with its full ip (smp1.empireminecraft.com)
    Change your MC password

    That happened to me when EMC updated to 1.5
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  15. Thanks :D Ill try that! :)
  16. Its not working nothing Is Some of the stuff Ekl said I dont understand. My internet is fine. I managed to get this snapshot. 2013-07-27_01.12.10.png
  17. This error means its something on your PC causing it, and nothing to do with EMC (Anytime you see Software caused connection abort)

    This will usually be Firewalls or Connection security type software.
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  18. Any Ideas of how to get this to work. I really need to get back online... :(
  19. This happens to me sometimes. Restart your computer and reboot your Minecraft. That fixes it for me.