EMC Wilderness Survival Season 2

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  1. Hello Everyone! I have been Creating an EMC Lets Play and I have finally aired the first episode
    The Series is all about surviving out in the Frontier. I have brought Items out there with me to create build a house.
    Now Please don't try and find me in Game and Grief My house. I don't know how to add protection to it.

    believe it or not, The Thumbnail took 1 day of Editting & Rendering. 0_0
    Episode 1- Skeleton Spawner:

    Episode 2-Coming Friday!
  2. Nice video! I have lots of suggestions for your build and also for how you might improve the video, but non of it is meant to discourage you, so instead I will say 'great work'. I am looking forward to your next video!
    Maybe we could work on something together some time?
  3. Sure Thing Pm me for Ep3 Ill give you my skype.
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  4. I will create a new skype account this week, I have been meaning to do that for a while.
  5. Just tell me when. I will not be recording anytime next week as I will be out of state for 5 days.
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