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  1. Hello all.
    I come to you with the start of my idea. A weekly lottery. the winner of the lottery will get 500r. As i get more money, the winner later in time will get more when they win. The same people can enter over and over. you do not get an advantage if you have already won the lottery.
    lottery tickets will be given out at my residence: 3470 on smp2. Each ticket is 30r.
    If you want to enter the lottery for a chance to win, get your ticket tomorrow.
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  2. I read a post about something like this.
    The lottery tickets are written books. they will be 30r each. You MUST buy them in game.
    Once a week has passed, I will select a number randomly from the tickets given out. The tickets given out will be void after the first lottery. The next set of lottery tickets will be given out after the first one. The prize, like i said is 500r
    I will post the odds of someone winning right before I start selling the tickets. The person who gets the winning lottery number WILL win, but there is no advantage for someone who has won any previous lottery of mine
  3. I love this idea, and I'll definitely play as long as it follows those gaming rules. Are you accepting any donations for the winning prize? I'd be glad to donate a good amount of rupees toward this. :)
  4. No donations accepted
  5. I have decided to put this on hold for a few weeks until the middle of December to give me a little bit more time to set everything up for this
  6. It's hard to do this. You can't vault the books.