EMC web sight help

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  1. I am trying to help a friend join the Empire. However the web sight is very unresponsive for him. We are on the same wifi connection and I have no issues. He can pull up other web sights and navigate them fine. Any ideas? :confused:
  2. If s/he's using "Internet Explorer", just...don't. Get a proper browser - Firefox, Chrome, whatever; just, not internet exploder.
  3. Awesome. That worked!
  4. I used to use IE for a bunch of Social networking sites and checking my mail, and I used Chrome for gaming or anything Minecraft related... Now I only use Chrome... I wonder why:p
  5. i use IE and it works fine
  6. IE was very slow for him. Chrome worked better for him in this case.
  7. Yea, DONT use internet exploder.
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  8. IE is the worst browser ever
  9. I agree IE is the worst browser ever. However a recent clean version of it should be OK for the EMC website. Maybe check if he does have any viruses / trojans or other malware (toolbars and other poo) that make IE even slower and could harm his system in other ways too.