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  1. As some of you might know, I was the one who created the Empire Minecraft Promotional. If you did not see this yet, where have you been?

    Well, let's say I am back and ready to make another!
    This video I would like to be more involved with the community though. I would like to hear from you great EMC players on what you want to see.

    This video is going to be mostly about the unique features of EMC. I already have a great list supplied by Justin and Jeremy, so I don't need too many suggestions on what features to include.

    I would like to know things that you would like to see in video form. What kind of music or style?
    Some of my ideas were to be comedic about the announcing. I was planning on doing some voicing, because I love voice acting.

    I also wanted to get more players involved in this project. I have some good visual ideas on what players could do. A good thought I had was to get as many players as possible to gather up near the end of the video, and look up as the camera flies away. Once the camera leaves, the conclusion of the video begins with the credits and all that snazzy stuff.

    So now I ask, what are your thoughts? What do you want to see?

    ***I do ask that you do not beg for your residence to be in the video though. I have my ways on picking out residences.*** :)
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  2. I can't wait to see new videos :) It is like waiting for presents at Christmas.
  3. Heck, your video is awesome man, I saw it a while back :)! I do not mind doing anything at all to help ya! Just give me a shout if you'd like something done :)
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  4. Really awesome video - love all the fast cuts. Maybe the next video could highlight some of the key features of EMC, which you probably already have worked out. But specifically show the central town spawn and the EMC shop, perhaps. Maybe detail the number of servers and their names, noting that the town, wilderness, and nether are separate, with a portal hub - probably mention Utopia and it's perks as well

    Just to give people a better sense of what EMC is and how it works - but maybe that'd be too informational? Possibly borderline boring? The EMC guide does an awesome job of covering all that stuff, so the video wouldn't need to hit people over the head with too much info I guess. Not sure, just some thoughts.

    I'm sure it'll be awesome. ;)
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  5. Yeah that could be a bit boring if you are just listing features. Highlighting one feature would be better I think :)

    I hope a lot of people get involved in this :)
  6. maybe my giant pixel size 3d statue of me could be featured in it? ;). but my 2 cents state that you should focus on the rupees, shops, and some of the rules.
  7. I honestly think a promotional video should be more "awesome and exciting" than "informative and teaching". The goal is to get people excited about joining (or a fun watch for current members), the new player tutorial and guide will take care of training :)
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  8. Then in the video show the community and how we interact online in the video.
    also a sort of dramatic & cool music would look good...something like this:
    but make sure in the video you show that emc is a multi-server-server/thing ???
  9. Then you need a storyboard and an awesome script...

    Considering that
    You guys could get some voice actors together and make an story at the empire minecraft servers, i completelly agree with Justin about the video needs to be more
    Maybe making a horror story, or an action story where (idk) the empire dudes find something/someone herobrine :P
    or they join into a quest for something

    If you like the idea, i could help with the storyboard/scripting :)
  10. Thanks for some feedback everyone. So far, I do not want to aim for a "Story" quite yet, because I am making videos to help promote EMC in a cool visual manner, rather than make pure entertainment out of it.

    As for music, I don't want to use music that have any form of copyright on it. I was planning on making a sort of theme song for EMC that would be catchy and stick to everyone's heads as "That EMC song."

    As for what I meant by voice acting was that, I was thinking as I highlighted the features, I would do some sort of voice-over rather than pure text.

    Text: Empire Minecraft is a large community! (Short and to the point) -Camera shows people and stuff..-

    Voice: Empire Minecraft is a large community where players join the server, and they like to have fun. See the smile on his face? -Camera flies to player smiling- -Camera switches back to showing residences of the community- Even the animals smile in this server! -Camera flies to animals with a classic yellow smiley face pasted over their heads. In the lower right hand corner reads text saying "Results may vary"- "-place sound of cow here-" -Camera switches back to showing residences of the community- But really, this community is surely different than your average Minecraft server!

    (The reason for a voice-over, is because it is more flexible to be creative with camera shots and descriptions, rather than text stating facts in the corner of the screen.)

    And from there I will start talking about some of the great features of EMC with some witty/humorous ways of saying/showing them.

    Laughing is the best medicine, and putting people in good moods can increase their thoughts of "oh look it is another minecraft server" to "Hah! This is hilarious, let me check it out."

    It's all about the mood people. :)

    So back to the feedback part of this thread. Any other ideas of what could be done? Heck, you could even do what I did above. Give some camera directions and script. I won't use it directly if you do, but if I like it it will more than likely be modified to fit properly with my tone and way of speaking.

    All feedback is appreciated! :D
  11. Lol, "results may vary" xD

    Scene #1 'intro'

    [Day :12:00am: open fade from black] (Title) Empire minecraft - The ultimate fun! [Empireminecraft letters as official logo - "The ultimate fun!" minecraft 'official' font - cross over the logo]
    [aprox. 2 sec intro]
    -Camera pass-over in horizontal direction over happy player faces (considering a happy face something like this> :) ) and if possible show's player's names, considering time/face = 0.5 sec - < *note: this is something i believe could be awesome to show the idk, most active members, moderators, senior mods, admins and contest winners*

    [fade to black] - End of scene #1 'intro'

    Scene #2 'first impressions'

    [Day : fast open fade from black] - Camera shows player 1 working at his residence (shows player placing one block) - Camera switches to show final player creation (better if player is inside the frame) -
    (repeat process with other player's and respective residences/creations)

    [fade to black] - End of scene # 2 'first impressions'

    Scene #3 'a bit of action'

    [title - Rough title, official minecraft font over starting scene] - Adventure and action guaranteed!
    [Day/night: fast open fade from black] - camera shows player (or group of players) fighting against monsters
    (aprox 12-15 secs)
    -Awesome camera fast switches (maybe recording same scene from 4 different cameras will do a way to cross views and do multi-cam editing)

    *note: awesome part comming, prepare :p* -camera takes from down of a mountain while players are up at the top of it (same action players)- Players jump towards the camera *note: action style, like a boss.*

    [fade to black] - End of scene #3 ' a bit of action'

    Scene #4 'bit of peace'
    [title, rough bla bla bla - same as title scene #3] Peace is also guaranteed!
    - camera switches slowly horizontal pane - Player is covered by a three from sun while fishing.
    - camera switches slowly horizontal pane - player building something *peaceful music part*

    [fade to black] - End of scne #4 'bit of peace'

    -------------------------------------------------------Script end-------------------------------------------------

    Well, this are just ideas, i could keep all-night long writing but that will be boring for you :p there is no such thing as voice acting in my script because i believe you are better than me for some awesome catchy phrases :)

    Also, there is no end at my script, because i havent finished yet, i dont even know if you will like it xD

    tell me what you think ;)
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  12. Copherfield, I like the simple shots that you thought of. I really like your thoughts for scene two and four. I actually had an idea close to scene four in mind already. Keep up the ideas guys! :D

    I'd like to incorporate some community thoughts to make future videos feel less personal and more recreational to the community. :)
  13. You should make fake interviews with voice actors for players
  14. Nice! here what i meaned by a nice intro, maybe ill animate it (after effects or cinema 4D) and make it fancy if you like the basic idea ;)

    (with fancy animation) into this > (with fancy magic bullet looks and some yellow and black bars around or something to make it seem rough if you get my idea) |||||||||||||||||| <this s what i mean by yellow and black bars :p

  15. The actual editing process and building of the video will be on my part. I do know how to use these programs to an almost advanced level, so that would not be necessary. I do like the idea though. I also have logo files to work with that are of rather high quality from my previous video.

    I do like the whole "Fun guaranteed!" thing though. I might think of using something close to that.

    Great ideas. :)
  16. *copherfield sits and cries while watches a pro do his thing :'(* rofl.