EMC Valentines Roses

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  1. Hello there EMC peoples! I wasn't sure who could answer my question so I thought I'd post it here. Since roses are removed in 1.7 that means the Special Valentines Day Roses will disappear as well, correct? If so, I was wondering if the owners of said roses will receive money for them or some sort of gift for them because they will be worth nothing in 1.7 because, well they won't exist, or will they just disappear and that will be the end of roses. I was just curious.
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  2. Roses themselves are not going to disappear, but think of it as having a new texture and new name of poppies.
  3. They Will turn into poppies or whatever the red flower is
  4. I wonder if they will become Valentine's poppy flowers?
    But that still leaves the question if they will retain the red text after being changed.
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  5. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know they were just renaming them and changing the texture. I just thought they were ditching them all together. Thanks.