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  1. Prize 100r
    Just tell me the user that fits the discription.

    This user is a supporter, goes by 2 names. and is greatly respected among this server! SHE, is a "lady" She is in a youtube series

    Go ahead, no guess is wrong, but one guess is right |:)
  2. You do realize that there are quite a few people that fit that description?
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  3. JustinBieber!
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  4. I would say me, (People call me Mr, Legit, Mrlegit, or Mrlegitislegit) but as I'm not a supporter, and I'm not THE most respected on EMC....
  5. And im supporter, ppl call me dangerous and sometimes popcorn or pop
  6. Yes but it Is quite agueessing game, and i will add more detail.
  7. I would say hayleycolgan (ladyhaley)
  8. Mwuhaha i was first :p, But ehh i only said her name not ingame name :p
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  9. Since Xandrow was not specific, twitch1 good work to u fine sir! U have won!
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  10. I knows my peeps. ;)
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  11. SOrr ypal, There is more than 1 haley In EMC goodluck nxt time...
  12. Actually there is 2 :D
    And like i said, i only typed in her name not Ingame name :D
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  13. as soon as I read the description I thought haleycolgan but it had already finished:(