EMC Tutorial Videos

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  1. In replace of my EMC Let's Play Series (Which may start back up, pending on how I feel) I'm brining to all of the Community a Tutorial series on the glorious things that the server provides for us! Feel free to also link these to anyone with questions about the subject for an easy referral for them to use :)
    A common start would be to give this (A PvP Arena tutorial :p):

    I will try and cover as much as possible in every single video, if I forget something it will be included with annotations and short explanations depending on the topic.
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  2. Here is a Shop Chest tutorial! :)

    Again, feel free to link these whenever ya want ;3
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  3. Is this still running? :eek:
  4. Yes, I've just been very busy lately :p
  5. oh :D Well if you wanted any help with this or just someone along the way.. i'd be happy to help with anything :D