EMC Treasure Voucher

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What should I do with this?

Auction it 8 vote(s) 25.0%
Use it 1 vote(s) 3.1%
Throw it in Lava 23 vote(s) 71.9%
  1. Hello Everybody,

    As some of you saw, Aikar was dropping this " EMC Treasure Voucher ".
    He dropped 5-7 of these im guessing.

    It was pieces of paper that allows you to get a free Vault Page. Or you may auction it,
    or keep it. Whatever you like with it.

    Crazy1080 : Or throw it in lava..
    Which works.. too.

    This post was just for me, or the other curious players out there.
    In the comments below please tell me if you've
    got one of these Vouchers.
    You may post a picture of it also!

    Players who got it :


    This is a picture of my Voucher! :)

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  2. Well, you can add my name to that list :)
    Also, josh is auctioning his off, and I think heyaroo claimed hers.

    There was also 10 dropped.
  3. u know u wanna toss it in lava..... :p
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  4. Ah, but still. They still had it. Haha :p
  5. I wish I can.
  6. I got one =) So you can add me to the list also.
  7. What are you 2 gonna do with it? :p
  8. They seem to have a curse on them lol, 2 owners out of the first batch of three have now been banned lol
    Keeping mine :)
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  9. Holding on to it. Not selling nor using. =)
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  10. Btw, nice choice of texture pack. I approve :)
    None of the above, hold on to it. Part of EMC History like others said.
    weis2000 got one add him.
    I was with him in a skype call at the time...
    "Dude, dude, I-I got it!"
    Lol it was hilarious XD
  11. Haha, Thanks. Texture pack is Faithful. I always use Faithful :p
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  12. Same here :)
  13. High five! Haha :rolleyes:
  14. I have 3 of those. I might use 1, but I'll keep 2.
    And throw yours in lava, just so it has more value o/
  15. How do you have ... 3?
  16. Luck, I guess? 1 from a drop party, 2 from IcC's zombie thing yesterday.
    And I have this 'EMC treasure chest', where I hold all my exclusive items :p
    I have 4 EMC fireworks and 3 slips
  17. How do you get them?
  18. Sometimes Aikar, Max or IcC host drop parties, where they drop like 5-10 of these.
  19. I think that Aikar said it is only 1 per person.
  20. They had certain hacks on their picture is what Aikar said