EMC Tower V2

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  1. Hello!
    After some more debating about my project I realised the following...
    • The materials I planned to use were too scarce therefore having to take alternatives which made the entire build look ugly.
    • Even though the build was based on 3 residences only 1 of them had space for attractions to go where as the other 2 were just for looks, this meant there was not enough space for all the attractions I was planning for.
    • For what it was it was going to cost so many rupees and take so much longer to build than if I was to build a bigger, a little simpler (though still pretty) and more functional build.
    From this I have now reset the residences and I am starting on my new design!
    I have constructed my design on single player, made a schematic of it and I am now in the process of building it on the residences!
    I will not be showing off the complete design in this thread, you will have to wait and see the progress :p, all I am going to say is it may remind some people of a very famous american landmark!
    I will be revealing some parts of the build as I go such as some water park rides and the horror haunt thing!
    I have now planned out all of the attractions EMC Tower will have to offer and here is the list...

    • Shopping Area
      • Will sell almost every obtainable item in a mall kind of format however taking up only 1 floor (well that's the plan).
      • Prices will be standard mall rates.
    • Hotel
      • Will consist of around 50 rooms on one floor of the tower.
      • Guests do not only get a room they get free access to certain places in the tower and a guest discount on the attractions along with some freebies!
    • Casino
      • Will consist of 4 games taking up one floor of the tower.
        • Wheel of rupees
          • Player places a bet, the wheel spins and the player wins x*their bet according to what colour the wheel stopped on.
        • Colour wheel
          • Player chooses a colour to bet on, the wheel spins and if it lands on their colour they get a payback of x*their bet according to the colour they chose.
        • Slot machine
          • A button is pushed and if all 3 segments match each other they win the prize stated on the machine.
        • Minecart racing
          • Player bets on a minecart then they race along a track with random boosts, the first minecart to get to the end of its track wins.
      • I plan for most of these games to not rely on a staff member of the tower.
    • Bungee Jump
      • I will be keeping most of this secret until the launch.
      • I have managed to create a kind of realistic, scary, thrilling bungee jump which starts at the top of the tower and ends near enough at the void.
    • Promo Museum
      • A floor of the tower where there is a display of every EMC Promotional Item there has ever been.
      • This will rely on donations from the community however the promo will still technically remain property of the player and can be returned at any time.
      • Promos will also be up for purchase.
    • Roller Coaster
      • This will be a mega exciting roller-coaster which will spiral inside and outside of the tower from the top floor down to the bottom and back up again (hopefully).
    • Water Park
      • The water park will take up one of the biggest floors in the tower and will consist of...
        • Pool
        • Diving boards of different heights
        • Water Slide
        • Log Flume
        • Rapids
    • Mini Golf
      • The mini golf course will take up a floor of the tower and will be a full 18 hole snowball-ice mini golf game.
    • Zoo
      • Full of animals which the player can feed and pet
    • Haunted Tour
      • This will take up one of the larger floors of the tower and will be a mixture of minecart and walking jump scares and horror complete with live actors, youtube video segments and a very spooky storyline.
    The total budget for this build is 950,000r and possibly more if resources become scarce.
    You can donate to this project and the top donators will be listed below.
    The opening date for EMC Tower will be around the end of September/early October (that's the plan though it may very well likely be later); yes, its a long time to wait but it's worth waiting for!
    Thank you all for reading this rather large post and I hope you are looking forward to this new mega creation!
    I will be updating you every day or so on the progress!
    I am also looking for a different name for the build (current name based off GMod Tower), if you have any ideas post below, if your name is used you will receivr 20,000r and a permanent plaque.
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  2. For the name Zikko could be. Well here is the real thing I want I have a lot of time and I am bored and I am really good at building could I help with building?
  3. Yeah I will need loads of help building soon! I will get in touch when I need you! Thanks! Builders also get a guaranteed spot at being staff in the finished build if they would like!
  4. Thanks