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  1. I was thinking in order to keep everyone on the same page (globally) there could be a universal time clock at the top of the web site. Maybe zulu time?
    For example this post was made at 3:25pm local time or 19:25 zulu.
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  2. Zulu time? Like the player?
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  3. or TIME UNIT 7
  4. It is my understanding that the military goes by zulu time. So the time is the same in Washington and Iraq.
    I have a widget on my HTC evo that shows me zulu time.
  5. Zulu time is actually a perfect Match with GMT, the only reason zulu time is around is so data changeovers and some other things I can not talk about can be synced up at all different parts of the globe. When I was stationed in Korea and the local time was -12 of the site we talked to in the states, we would always have to reference Zulu time because, well.. soldiers are to lazy to do maths :p.

    As far as the conjoined time, we have many options here, you can go by the server time, which is EST (Eastern Standard Time) or you could go by Zulu or GMT or simply state your timezone with the GMT offset... make people do the math. At any rate, if you are sitting at a computer, chances are there is a tiny widget you can throw on your desktop that displays any time you wish, which could be useful in situations where you would like to synchronise with other time zones. Such as, if you are not in EST and would simply like to use that as your dedicated time, then just throw a clock on your desktop, and reference it. That easy.
  6. Weird.... I used Zulu time at my vacation to Korea two weeks ago... cuz I was too lazy of course.
  7. should just be GMT time then maybe have some other contries!
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  8. My screen cracked when I tried throwing a clock on my computer.;)
  9. ah yes... that can happen. I have learned, through experience, that the best solution for this is to throw two clocks. But one must be going backwards, so that way it can cancel out the damage of the first clock.

    *individual results may vary*
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  11. I like the idea of an EMC time.
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  12. And so theorecticaly if you threw one clock back it will hit the back of the computer. (Goes aroud the world)