EMC technical specs

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  1. Does anyone know the hardware that EMC runs on, and what plugins they use?
  2. The plugins are modified and the specs are

    • Dual - Quad-Core Xeon X5550's (2.66 GHz, 6.40 GT/s)
    • 64GB of ram (DDR3-1066)
    • 4 x 450GB SAS RAID 10
    • 1,000 Mbps Ethernet
    However, How laggy SMP6 has been lately I think it's more like

    • Intel 4004 @ 125Khz
    • 80KB of RAM @ 100Khz (Overclocked from 50)
    • 4x 8MB drives
    • 56K dial up modem
    Don't worry - The first ones correct
  3. well thanks for the quick reply!

    But the plugins are custom?
  4. Guys things like this have been asked many times. See the search bar in your upper right hand corner. It's there for a reason. :)
  5. also, are all the separate servers hosted on this one machine, or is it like one of these machines per server?
  6. Most of them are modified off existing plugins, However they're custom.
  7. Indeed they are, hand crafted from the bosom of Justin and Aikar
  8. We have the main database where the vault, Rupees, ETC are logged which also holds utopia

    Then we have SMP1 and 2 on the first node
    SMP3 and 4 on the second node
    5 and 6 on the third node
    7 and 8 on the fourth node
    and I think 9 is somewhere in there.

    These are then all located in the same data centre on the same rack so they can all communicate with each other, These are located near philadelphia. US
  9. well since theyre custom, is there anywhere to get ahold of these plugins, or are they kept top secret?
  10. They keep them away from us - I don't know why but it's there plugin.
  11. They wouldn't be custom if anyone could get them.
  12. Which ones are you specifically looking to use? There are similar plugins around.
  13. specifically the towny type one, and the money/chestshop system