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  1. Ok so in a few days im going to either upgrade or stay but i do not know what to get Diamond or gold me and Darkvilla were chatting on Smp9 and i am still unclear what to get
    Gold you get everything Diamond just half pay and half res. without TNT.
    Diamond you get everything gold just with tnt and double pay and double res... what one should i get
    Also please state the pros and cons of what you do dont just do GOLD or DO DIAMOND!!!
  2. I made this decision about three months ago, and I ended up going with gold. I really only needed one more residence, and I new I would be able to remain a supporter much longer as gold then as diamond.
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  3. Thnx
  4. Go big or go home I say.
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  5. Ask yourself the following:
    • Do I need the additional rupees per day?
      • Do I want the extra rupees anyway?
    • Do I want two res's, or four?
      • Am I likely to build on those additonal plots?
    • Do I have any practical use for TNT permission?
      • Am I likely to ever use TNT for any reason other than "Because I can"?
    Obviously it's your call, but if you're not going to get full use of your supporter benefits, why burn the extra cash on them?
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  6. Remember, you become a supporter not to buy in-game advantages over your playmates, but to support our provider Kalland Labs and therefore support the EMC community!

    Free rupees are poison for the EMC economy. Throw them away.
  7. If we were an ONLY economy server, this might be accurate. However, economy is a very very small portion of where our path is headed. The heart and soul of EMC is survival and we are forming new updates that will enhance this goal even further.

    While M4nic is of course very welcome to his personal opinion, we don't want you to think from an official standpoint that any of the perks you're given are considered a "poison" to anyone and you should feel free to constructively use them as you wish. :)
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  8. Diamond can fly on Utopia as well. :)
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  9. Utopia town*. :p
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  10. Well, I picked gold in order to be able to obtain it, It's not to easy to Put 20$ a month into a game, so cut it in half. Yes, there are Some pretty nice diamond perks, but not 10$ worth in my eyes. You can still use utopia wild, supporter chat, an extra res, you just can't fly in town, blow stuff up, or get more res's. The rupee bonus isn't to large in my opinion, considering you get a whopping 700 a day, I don't think more is needed. I highly recommend gold Not only to give perks, but to support or friends at emc.
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  11. I have gold because my mum can't afford to throw £13 a month at a Minecraft server. She has better things to spend it on. However, after a few weeks of doing all of my homework, and saving my own money up, oh, and begging for her to buy me it, I got Gold Supporter. The intention was to keep it just for one month, but after that one month was up she just told me I could keep it until I didn't want it. It's only £6 a month, too. Before that, I was on iron. However, once I have my way of making money (not allowed to have this "job" until i'm 13 in a few months) I will probably go ahead and buy diamond supporter if I have enough money.

    I have no need for four residences.
    I have no need to fly around in one town world.
    I don't really have a need for TNT as I only build Mob Grinders in the sky (which I haven't done since February last year). The only reason why i'd need TNT is to blow up a dark room underground for a grinder.
    The 1,300 rupees...I could have that. But I don't want it. 700 rupees a day is enough for me :)
  12. I would buy diamond one month for the 4 residencese and then get gold.
  13. I was a diamond supporter for a while and I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to get the most out of the game. There are great perks - http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/ In game and on website.

    Thought it is up to you.

    Thought diamond would cost me $20 which in UK money is about £13.52 which is very good. ( 1 British Pound = 1.47951 US Dollars )

    From reading these comments I mite even re-upgrade to diamond as I did love it. Also the pro's out way the con's.
  14. + Like!
    What kind of economy would be the best choice for a survival game? But, that's a topic for some other threads :)

    + Like!
    Thank you! :)
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  15. Diamond please.
  16. I would go gold for now and if you find that you want to go diamond do it, I am quitting supporter this month as i am becoming less active in game.
  17. Rupees can be used for -

    - You can buy all items including special items in the /shop (bat eggs ftw).
    - You can buy Vault Pages.
    - You can purchase items at Player Shops.
    - You can donate them as awards or prizes in competitions.
    - You can bid on items in the auction house.
    - You can give gifts to other players (this happens more than you may expect).
    - You can operate a gaming establishment (within certain bounds).

    Rupees are certainly not the object of minecraft, but they are a good measure of the value of work people put into getting the nice things you don't want to work for.
  18. Lol... so thx for the help. I decided one month Diamodn the rest gold... i need to blow out part of my res so it will be realy helpful for me
  19. You like to stir up trouble huh........
    In my opinion its always good to have extra rupees, if you have some project you think up on the spot or if you want to give the money to help someone else.
  20. I went diamond a while back (I may go gold again soon) and i found it nice to get to have the extra res' at first, but after a while it became hard to keep up with because i made them shops and hotels (I was making a good amount of rupees at the time though) but it eventually got tiring keeping up with it all, not to mention having your stuuf spread out over that much of an area, unless you want the extra money or residences, gold is the way to go.