EMC Staff-Top Roles in the EMC community...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ivonator123, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. These are my opinion on the hardest working EMC staff and what they do,(Don't take it offensive if your name is not up here :D)
    1-JustinGuy-Always working Hard to keep the community running, by always answering messages and always getting the job done!
    2-Dark_Liz-Being An EMC workaholic, always there do get the job done, and keeping the community running.
    3-Shaunwhite1982-Almost like Dark_liz...Just a bit more lazy...Jks :D
    4-ISMOOCH-Always being the first poster on the Website, and always there to help, Another thing ISmooch I wish you well in hard times, and Everyone in the EMC community wishes you a farewell goodbye! :)
    5-GameKribJeremy-Even though Jeremy is falling behind the pack, he is still an important peice in EMC's puzzle
    6-Twich1-Loving the community with all his heart....:D

    Just Again, Everyone Give ISMOOCH a farewell goodbye, he served well!