[EMC Staff Quiz] Anthhherrr quuiiizz

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make anther quiz! So, in this quiz, there is a right answer :). There is also a wrong answer. I'll report back to you about your grade (not a real grade) once you take your quiz! I think you'll do great! :)

    So, this is a quiz about EMC staff! It's just asking something like this: This member is senior staff. He's the leader of the build team. Who is he?

    Link: http://emc.staff-quiz/

    Good luck!

  2. This quiz isn't the best... #2 is hard, all staff like holding events... #3 is a she, #7 there are two..., Just not the best quiz ;)

    Lol, "Everybody "dreads" him. Who is he?" what question is that? :p
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  3. #2 is pretty obvious. There's one specific senior staff hosting multiple events on EMC, one of which was recently cancelled ;)

  4. Dread question do snt make sense, to me
    And dev ques on can be many
  5. I was confused, because rainbow chin and itsmemathius hold a ton of events here
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  6. I had to do the "Nature one" , "Dr one", and "Dread one" last... they were kind of ambiguous.

    The rest I knew :D
  7. This quiz is so easy.. xD You are mentioning the names in the questions.. ;)
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  8. for most of them, for example, for the dev one, can be aikar, Breezyman, Rainbowchin, Chicken, etc
  9. I know you put etc. But don't forget our socks!
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  10. And Rainbow's not a dev. :p
  11. Can you please fix the title?
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  12. Your quiz has nothing to with pollen or flowers. This anther quiz is the worst.

    0/420 not enuf anthrs.
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  13. RainbowChin is not a Dev? Then why do we let him break things all the time?
  14. do we get money
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  15. Completed it. I hope you enjoy my mostly-real-but-some-not-so-real-answers c:
    Probably not :p It doesn't mention it anywhere, so...
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  16. It's a she :p lol HKR, "who is he"
  17. I will hopefully get to filling this out, kinda busy in game :p
  18. XD

    I did like half of it then accidentally refreshed my page and it erased :( so I went back to Minecraft lol
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