EMC Staff Application [Updated January 12th, 2014]

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  1. Greetings everyone, we've updated the Staff Application to be more thorough, and thought out. We're not wiping out the old one, but we will not be accepting any new responses to it.

    So, here's the new application to go with the new year: -Deleted-
  2. woo 1st
  3. One small problem, the link directs you to the home page. ;)

    Edit: Chickeneer's magic has fixed it.
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  4. For some reason the link takes me the EMC front page of the website :confused:
  5. Woot, Excited for new possible staff!
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  6. Fixed
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  7. At the bottom:
    "Bare in mind..."
    *Bear. :p
  8. How long should we wait for doing this app? As in, how long after doing the old app will it be okay to make an application using the new app.
  9. Yay this is great :):D
  10. Pretty much if you still want to apply for mod, you need to apply on this new one instead.
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  11. Thank you. :)
  12. Anytime is fine, actually we'd prefer it if everyone reapplied using the new app, as it's just more detailed and we can find out a lot more with it than the previous version.
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  13. i'm going to have to say how much i love this new app!
  14. More staff... always good :)
  15. I think it's a good idea how you ask them in the app, if they know the auction rules :)
  16. The app is designed to check that, without directly asking. :)
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