EMC sponsors MAG

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  1. Everyone has seen those custom Minecraft achievements images all over the web. These are created on the Minecraft Achievement Generator. The awesome service was created and is run by myschoo.

    The EMC community is now sponsoring this service for the entire Minecraft community. I am proud to announce this as it brings so much entertainment to so many players. You can check out the generator here: http://mag.racked.eu
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  2. Now that is a pretty awesome banner at the top of their site, it punched me in the face when i opened the link, way to go Justin! :)
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  3. Sweet :p |
  4. WTG EMC!! :) Check mine out. haha
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  5. Justin, where is the 'Like ,THIS VERY MUCH,' Button :D I'm in need of one now!
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  6. Awesome Justin, good way to lure people over to checking out what EMC is about :)
  7. Awesome!
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  8. Good one :D
  9. I made myself one.

    Edit: Made myself a second one. :D
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  10. made mine
  11. Ima make 2nd one , GREAT Work justin! We should get much more New Players!!! And SMP5 will be here soon!
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  12. Ive got mine :)
  13. Now our Lot build achievments look like fakes... :)

    You need to ask for an offical EMC generator for comps hehe
  14. awesome :-D
  15. LOL. Those are hilarious!