EMC SMP Residence's but for MC SP :D?

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Would you like to play with your Residence on Minecraft Single Player?

Yes! I want my residence in MCSP 6 vote(s) 75.0%
No. I'd rather keep it online 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hey EMC Community!

    I want to introduce an idea that I've had for a pretty long time now. I'm known for my huge building projects and many different building styles. I was thinking about an option, that would get you your SMP residence for a Single Player map!

    I've suggested this to Justin a while back. He told me that it would be alot of effort to single out one residence in MCedit and put it into a SP map or a schematic.

    So now I'm laying this out there, for all of you, to hear your opinion about this!

    Do you want your Residence as a schematic for MCSP? Or would you rather keep whats on MP on MP?

  2. I think it would be awesome to have our residences available for single player use. It would be a great idea, but like Justin said, it would be very hard to single out a specific res to port to a singleplayer map. Sure, you can take MCedit, then copy the schematic for the lot, but then you have thousands of residences that you potentially have to copy.
    The empire could limit the demand for resident ports by putting a price in $$ on the feature, but it would still be a lot of time and effort if a considerable amount of people wanted to use that feature.
    Then there's the problem that the singleplayer and multiplayer lots wouldn't be able to synchronize, so if you kept working on your MP lot, you'd have to re-port it to update your singleplayer version.
    Perhaps Justin could find a way to allow any EMC member to download a live server's town map. I certainly like the idea of being able to have my residences (or yours! : P) in singleplayer.
  3. There is a mod called "World Downloader".

    Just install it, go to your res, hit "Download World", walk around the entire thing. then hit stop downloading.

    There will now be a single player save called smpX.empireminecraft.com that you can login to that is a clone of everything you explored while playing on EMC while downloading.

    Then you can build a schematic from that as you please
  4. Wow, I had never heard of this before. Really neat. If Justin doesn't have a problem with it... well, I'm looking forward to playing on my lot in singleplayer ;) Thanks aikar.
    "Does this mod interfere with the server?
    No, the mod doesn't cause any additional load on the server. It doesn't send or request anything.
    It just looks at the incoming data, converts some data structures and saves everything as a singleplayer world.

    Can this mod be used to synchronize my copy with the server world?
    Of course! Just reconnect to the server and start the download. The mod will update your copy of the world to the current state. Any changes you made in your copy, in the area you're updating, will be overwritten."
    By the gods, it's perfect : P
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  5. I dont see why justin would have a problem with what you do with the single player version of the game :p the mod doesnt do ANYTHING to affect your SMP gameplay.
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  6. But what if Justin would simply upload the EMC town maps? And we MCedit our own residences out of it :D?
  7. Aikar's world downloader mod sounds even easier. If you wanted to paste your residences onto an already-existing SP map, just use MCedit to copy it from the automatically-generated world downloader map. This way, Justin doesn't have to use any resources when uploading and synchronizing a downloadable town map.
  8. It would be almost impossible to upload emc town maps, Your looking at 3/4/5 GBS of data per town, Let alone the wilderness.
  9. why's that impossible? he could host a web server on the EMC servers and then people could download in 2-3 hours :p

    Feasible? no, Impossible? nope.
  10. That world down loader thing looks cool. I don't really want to mess with uploading huge multi gigabyte files all the time. Even our daily backups take about 35 minutes to copy into a tar (per server) and with all the servers it is about 350B of backup data. I honestly don't see how it would be a good use of my time to try and give people the ability to download entire Empire maps.

    I am perfectly fine with people using that tool, it looks great and as amadai said, it only saves the data the server is giving it anyways. This will probably do what you want Eclipsys :)
  11. i downloaded it and stole your hotel XD