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  1. Hello all, LewCaz63 here! On my fourth residence, I have just completed making the game SLENDER! It took me about 3 hours to completely make as I needed to go to the wild for a few things but it was definitely worth it. Res number: 10441

    How to play: Basically, you are a person just strolling through the woods looking around for notes left behind by the Slender Man. You must not look at the Slender Man otherwise he will sprint at you. You need to collect all 8 notes before sunrise to complete it. There is a 250r prize.

    Rules: You cannot escape the map (Eg. block glitch), You need to shout "Note #!" in the chat when you find a note (The # represents the number of the note), You must be in residence chat, If I say "Dead" in the chat, then you have been caught by the Slender Man or the sun rose. The Slender Man can only shift unless you look at him or you reach seven notes.

    Thanks to Palmsugar for testing this map for me!
    Have fun playing and donations are much appreciated!

    Games will start every midnight if I am online and I am not busy. It will be announced in chat.
  2. What smp?
  3. I'm NEVER awake at midnight D:
    I'll never be able to play it
  4. Midnight on the game
  5. OOoooooooooooohhhh xD
    How much longer until midnight? xD
  6. When it starts?
  7. When ever I'm online and not busy. But not today as I need some sleep
  8. Sleep? Who needs sleep? :p
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  9. Looks really good dude, keep up the sweeeeeet work. :)
  10. Why can't anything like this happen on SMP2?
  11. Or 6..
  12. Smp2 has all the mega malls.
  13. Dude :p
    Three mega malls doesnt mean all :p
  14. Not all, i meant more than the other servers :)
  15. Not really :p SMP1 and SMP9 are the biggest :p
  16. Well then smp2 has awesome people like you and me! :D
  17. SMP2 Pride dear boy!
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  18. Looks really cool!
    I was thinking of an idea to make the gameplay cooler: If this was on single player, you could have the players get blindness effect, so visibility is reduced. But as you can't do it on EMC, I thought of digging the bottom layers of the res and building it on bedrock level, so you get that fog effect, or even building a black wool wall around it, so it's dark and stuff.
    Just a crazy idea, cause you would have to build everything again :p
    But nice res :)
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  19. 3004 3456 4006 4266 eklektoi-2 and there used to be more like 3040 and Julyloveyou's shop :p