EMC Site Ideas/Tweaks + New Features!!

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  1. Idea 1:
    Add a custom motto feature. When someone goes over your profile picture on a post, or clicks the name and it shows that TEXP and joined and stuff, it should show your motto as well.
    Idea 2: Show next to date joined, how many days actually played. (If the EMC staff can they can put how many days the actually signed into a Empire Minecraft server.)
    Idea 3: Below Well Known member or whatever rank, put Current Status: Active, Inactive, Vacation, Banned, or Temp Banned.
    Idea 4: Probably going to be added, but voting button on front page.
    Idea 5: Added Empire Credits leaderboards/how much times someone has voted for EMC on Minestatus (only)
    Idea 6: Pay rupees to people on the site.
    Idea 7: Live Map updates and features: Res Number, Owner, and Current EMC Status. Ability to track one player on the Live Map. Better graphics. Toggle/set time for Inactivity Live Map.
    There are many more ideas, hopefully you'll share them down below. :)
    Idea 8: Specific pay reasons: Ex: /r pay IamSaj 100 Donation or /r pay IamSaj 10000 Auction Money /r pay IamSaj 2000 Giveaway /r pay IamSaj 100000 Because I'm rich like that.
    Idea 9: Ability to save threads. Where you ever in a situation where you had to go, but you wanted to finish a thread and post it but not have to copy and paste it into Word? Well with this new feature, you can save threads (drafts) and can skip all that busy work. It'll save time and be more convenient.
    Idea 10: Be able to post more than 5 embed videos on a thread as the current system forces you to post multiple times.

    Edit: These are NOT new features coming soon, just suggestions.
  2. Any staff reading this thread atm?
  3. You could probably do this pretty easily with the current code. At the same time users are given sign-in rupees, you could increment a counter that keeps track of the days logged on.
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  4. They could, but it would take some time too actually do it.... am I right?
  5. Some really great ideas :) going to just mention ones I have something to say about...

    Yes, this is probably do-able, but it would be nearly impossible to go set it to track back in time from when it is implemented. They haven't kept track of this information up until now...

    I don't fully understand what you are saying on this one... You can already find the Residence Number and Owner by clicking on the Lot... As for EMC status - do you mean like their ranking (Member, Diamond, etc.) One thing you probably know about (many people don't) is that each server has a list of the residences with owners at empire.us/servers/
    Better Graphics... If it is possible to improve graphics in town - that is great; but the Live Map is plenty great for the Wild.
    If you want the map to follow a person, you can click their Headshot to the left of their name; and it will move with them.

    I know Aikar has the Live Map on his to-do list. I know it was at least partially updated - unsure if he was done with it yet though.

    Overall, great suggestions - For the most part, I agree with the others
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  6. Oh for the Live Map one, status as in active, inactive, banned etc. and really you can click their res? It doesn't work for me then... :/ (Just tried it, doesn't work)
  7. What browser? Is the Live Map clickable anywhere? (The actual map part - Not the sidebar)

    But I personally don't think this would be the best option - just my opinion - but I may be looking at it from the wrong direction
  8. Google Chrome. Yes.
  9. I wish we could get an ignore button on the forums. I run into people that make me want to high five them in the face with a pitchfork due to rudeness and I had a creepy stalker like kid after me at one point.
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  11. O_0 I never knew you could do that....
    True... can't wait for other stuff. Again, we'll see... :)
  12. Awesome ideas, I like the status under that well-known, and I like the days played :D
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  13. Thank you my good root beer sir.
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  14. I see you guys are liking the ideas... have any more to share?
  15. 1) like it
    2) like it more than 1
    3) like it the same as 2
    4) think it might be done in a sort of similar way in the future
    5) like it less than 2 but more than 1
    6) i don't see how this would be helpful. can you please give me a scenario?
    7) i like the "ability to track one player on the live map" (mainly for following myself).
  16. Please snip!
  17. I be snipp'n
  18. 6 as in if you're away and someone wins you're auction, bam.
    If you're banned and want to give your rupees away? Go ahead. (The new ban stance wipes player data as soon as their ban is lifted, not as soon as their banned if my memory serves me correct.
    Also more convenient to a lot of stuff like giveaways and things of that nature. It's something that makes life easier, quicker, and more accesible as you can be on a mobile phone or someone else's PC.
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  19. I like 6 more than 2!
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  20. Hopefully more mods will see this :3