EMC site Bugs, Glitches and things that it is lacking!

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  1. Ok so I posted this thread mainly for people to report bugs, glitches and suggest things for the EMC site. Well first of all this is probably a glitch but when I type a message on someone's profile all smileys and stuff don't come through as smileys they come through as the normal text things so I thought maybe the admins could fix this. I think you should be able to see other players rupee balances on their profile pages like if they let people see because it would be nice to see who is rich and who is poor just for fun so we could have like a leader board for rupees just like TEXP. Another thing that I would like to see improvements on is the verity of site themes; I know this isn't that important but there isn't that much to choose from and I think there should at least be pink and purple because my sister loves those colours and at the moment she is stick with red.
    Anyways I hope the admins read this and these things in this thread get at least discussed.

  2. Sorry about the massive amount of text guys!
  3. Please, no. Money is a private manner. I know this isn't reality, but imagine if your bank gave people public access to your bank balance? Or that your face had a big sign saying how much money you carry around in your wallet.

    Couldn't hurt, but they all have to be of the Dark kind to be useful. I tried the "Blue" theme once, and I had to switch away pretty fast. Due to "dark" being default, people use colors like this one or this one for headers... do you know how hard those colors are to see on a white background? :p

    Also, doing this is probably more work than it's worth for the staff. Personally I'd rather they worked on more important things.
  4. I use the dark-blue theme there are both light and dark versions of every colour but I think they should add more colours.
  5. Yeah but as I said it could be in your preferences section to turn on the ability for others to see how many rupees you have and you could choose whether only members can see how many rupees you have, only people who you follow can see how many rupees you have or you can choose that everyone even site visitors can see how many rupees you have.
  6. We will not be sharing Money count with players to avoid people hoarding rupees rather than using them for anything.
    Every feature we have released in the past has had some form of monetary requirement to try and drain rupees from the player.
    There is a reason we have an Empire Shop as well. That hard line offers players a core price to pay for items. It is meant to keep the Economy balanced. If the prices were dynamic, we would have the same issues as any Capitalist country:
    A massive divide of Haves and Have-nots. It would not be pleasant to play in Town if this were the case.

    As for the themes, I do not know if that is something that can be manipulated... I don't personally know as this is a Xenforo Board which costs money to utilize and therefore I am not familiar with it. Also, Themes are not an important function in the eyes of most players.
    Personally, I only recently learned that we had these Themes to choose from. I didn't change mine because the Black/Orange mix is my preference anyway. :) (I love Orange)
  7. I see this in chat, people asking others how much money they have. It's like that annoying friend/family member you have that always asks "How much money do you have?" Followed by "Can I have like....X Amount of money? I'll pay you back." and they never do.

    There are already enough people who beg for money. Giving everyone the option to see the amount you have will just lead to more people being begged and beggars.

    There are users who have a lot of Rupees just because they don't have to do much as far as buying but they make things to sell. They choose to live on their res and gather resources, use things on their res to help themselves and usually only have to purchase things that they need in bulk. They maybe saving up to get that lovely diamond armor and whatnot.

    Then you have users who go straight away and blow all their rupees. They then are broke and result to begging for money/items. They think before they spend their money and then when they sit there going "Man I was an idiot" they then begin to beg for money or begin to advertise that they have stuff for sale and they charge higher than what they paid in hopes to get more money than before.

    Edit: I hope this post makes sense. I'm half asleep.
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  8. Back when we used to have rupee leaderboard (in-game) we voted and the majorotiy of the community voted to NOT have it. One problem with this is it turns rupees into a "score", it causes people not to spend it and changes the way we intended the economy.
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  9. Justin's version of what I said, with history:

  10. Alrighty so the whole Rupee idea is obviously not a hit and it may be too difficult to add more site themes but what about the profile smileys? The smileys work everywhere on the EMC site except on player profile pages! Do you guys know about fixing this?