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  1. Sorry, the pictures messed up-you can't see the 64 amount > :D
  2. Aikar's words "The shop is for lazy people, rich people, and when you can't find it any where else." They are not going to make the shop cheap, never. And a item like Nether Stars, are new, semi-rare (Meaning not everyone has them, but a lot of people do), and should be high priced. =)
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  3. So, 8.6 million rupees for 64?! I think only 3 people on EMC have that much-IcC, Aikar, and Maxarias.
  4. They don't want you to buy it, and Max told us she was poor in mumble, not even 100,000 =P
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  5. lol, I doubt they do, nobody does.
    But, it doesn't matter anyway, they don't legit, they don't have the time too.
  6. Interesting-That will be my EMC life goal-buy 64 Nether Stars from the EMC shop....
  7. Also in the pic, you can see Dwight about to be really mad at a player for breaking the rules :eek: