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  1. We all know that the EMC shop is expensive for a reason, and there's no problem with that.

    However, some of the objects which you can't physically obtain in game (In Town anyway), I feel, should be a lot cheaper.

    I've just spent almost 5k on 128 ice blocks for Run For Diamonds. That's a bit extreme and effectively means I'll be running the next couple of dozen games for free (Including the Prize).

    It also hampers people who want to have interesting designs or builds.

    I know there are only a few examples of this type of object, but I think it'd be good to see a more reasonable price approach to these things in the EMC Shop.
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  2. Yeah but you must consider this is a 100% legit server, maybe ice shouldn't even been sold at the shop, because this are
    and everything you can't obtain 'legit' then it makes the server 99% legit (and not 100% as admins want :p )
    I believe it's to encourage players to play nice with the resources they can get by themselfs.
  3. Ice is expensive is a good thing. I don't want to see the Nether full of water :p
    Someone might abuse it.
  4. I can understand that argument perhaps, but it's maybe not as strong an argument as it might seem.

    With one ice block, well positioned up on the roof of the Nether, there's nothing to stop me turning every bit of lava in sight into cobble. It'd take time and effort but it could be done using the cascade physics of water.

    If that's the worry, why not make it unusable in the Nether?
  5. Yea. Because that take time and effort. It is not "fun" for "griefer". If it was so easy, then maybe "Oww 2r ice." **place 100 ice everywhere and break it and cause mayhem**
  6. I think MC misses rare items. Something that you can work for. A goal to reach. I dont want to have access to any item in game just like this. I remember an old game I played, it didn't had much items. But you kind of had to work for every piece of armor you've got. You started with a plate armor set and improved it steadily. It took you a while to get the next better tier kind of. And once you've got this peopl where just like. Wow he got this freakin armor. Actually I'm now all fired up to build a Ice temple someday.

    Rare blocks could be a second way to create something special. So its not only your design skill but also how much work you put in it. Limiting how much you get of some blocks is just what makes SMP different from creative. I would even support seeing Gold, Diamond blocks and such things to need more material to create. So that it really is something special to have a couple blocks of diamonds in your building.
  7. Jeremy's house on smp1 is a golden house ;) lol
  8. You've missed my point on this one.

    Ice isn't a rare item. It's a non-accessible item. It's not an item you can get in any way shape or for that is legitimate since they fixed the Silk Touch.

    What I'm saying is, if EMC are happy to have Ice Blocks in the game, then at least bring them down, not much, but marginally from the price they are at now, to something more credible which would allow players to make some neat features in their homes, etcetc.

    Ban the item from the Nether if the worry is it'll be misused. Personally, I'm surprised no-one (That I've seen) has bothered to solve the Ghast drop problem by simply breaking a couple and cobble-stoning an entire lava lake in about a minute.
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  9. Yeah 20 rupees would be nice
    And btw it's not cobble stoning. It's more like an obsidianing. Lol
  10. Very true. :D

    As I say, it doesn't have to be a crazy price drop, just lets be reasonable about it. If it were available to get in-game, I'd say leave it as it is, but it's not and that's the crux of it.
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  11. I did not miss your point. I do know that ice is not obtainable in game. That is what makes it a rare item. I think mc misses more of that.
  12. This is a debate that could go round in circles.

    If I spent all the Rupees I had, I could build a fairly reasonable ice-fortress thingy. That's not something I've had to work for, a goal to reach, it's simply walking into a shop and spending Rupees. Technically, I could not spend any money for a week or so and still reach the same result.

    As I say, I don't feel it can be classed as 'Rare' because you can't find it under normal terms. A Dragons Egg is rare. Diamond is kinda rare. Glowstone is hard to get.

    Ice is a special block that EMC have allowed in-game at a painful price.

    So if they're happy to include it, lets make it reasonably priced, and maybe we'll see more interesting things being done with it.

    Should a player have to spend 50r for a single block if they want to make, say an ice-slid as part of their game? Or a feature in their Res?

    I don't think so.

    Right now it's not being used. In that regard, EMC might as well take it out of the shop altogether and end the need for a debate about the price of it.
  13. Well, maybe it should be discussed, maybe if you get a senior mod attention, it could be considered a lower price :)
    also, i believe that the reason why is not cheap at all (it's expensive in other words) it's because, ALL at the shop it's expensive, so don't hope to get something like 10r per block :p
  14. I think what Hasorko's point is is that you should have to spend 50r per ice block and consider it well spent. I have ice blocks in my hotel for fish tanks, and I used right around 64 of them to do it, so when I stumble upon your ice racing course, im going to think "Holy crap so much ice!!!". You've made the decision to buy all of this ice, and make a course out of it, and what I see is the fact that you've put a huge amount of resources (rupees) into doing that.

    It comes down to this, if I see an awesome building in creative mode, I'll still be amazed at it, but if i see an awesome building in survival mode, I appriciate it all the more. To quote yahtzee from the escapist "Part of the appeal of building is the effort required to gather materials" "That's what sets [Minecraft] apart from other building games like gary's mod. If you can just clap your hands and summon 50 explosive barrels to pile ragdolls around then the spectacle is as fulfilling as eating your own snot".
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