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  1. I was wondering what hosting service EMC used for their servers and website. Ive seen other minecraft servers wtih this same website layout and everything, and i was wondering what service they used. only post if you know please.
  2. Empire.us is hosted by xenoforo. Idk about servers.
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  3. Xenforo.

    That is what Justin uses for the forums, not the hosting service for the servers.
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  4. Servers are hosted in Florida.
  5. Can't say I'm 100% sure about this, but I think that the servers used to be website is hosted by Rackspace, although I don't think they are any more.
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  6. They use multiple different hosting servers. Not just 1
  7. The actual website is HOESTED by Rackspace (I don't think Justin switched, but I'm not sure) but POWERED by XenForo, not hosted zi think ahaha.

    Not sure about the servers though, which is good because you're going to use the information for your own server. :)
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  8. Yes, they use 4 or 5. But it's just one company :p
  9. i found forums in the same format as these do thay use the same host?
  10. Nope, just the same software. Anyone can buy Xenoforo and host it on any host.
  11. and whats the company that hosts them..
  12. plz... any1 know???
  13. Why do you need to know?? Its probably a company that only offers big servers which is what EMC needs and probably not what you need. Why dont you do a simple search on google for server hosting and find one that will be suitable for your uses. Considering you are banned I doubt very much someone will give you this info.
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  14. Kalland hosting.

    Justin's real name is Justin Kalland.

    Yes, I know the IP location of all the servers :p
  15. I believed they switched hosts for the website a while back. I know who the current host is but I see no reason why I should share that info.

    I also have the IP addresses of each server. And the website is registered to the name "Justin Guy" and the organization "Kalland Labs, LLC."
  16. But that's surely not the actual server hosting company?
  17. Its not... grr no1 knows... lol