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  1. Hi. I just joined and I would like to make an EMC series following my experiences on the EMC server. I was wondering is there a rank for youtubers or something on here? I will begin filming as soon as I can and post it on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5q6ksgAIPiQ5dqOfx2v1Kw
    I am a new youtuber so I only have 13 videos and 22 subscribers. I started youtubing 2 months ago and am working on making my videos better each day. I am excited to play on this server!
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  2. Hey, I setup EMCs YouTube team :)

    Your stuff shows promise, although itd be a good idea to make sure you edit out any downtime in your videos, as well as making sure you do noise removal where possible.

    EMCs YouTube rank doesn't have a subscriber limit, and is solely reliant on the quality of your content, so keep working on making your videos as awesome as possible. :)
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