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  1. So I've recently decided to take on the role of wanting to record most of the stuff I do inside of EMC. The first video was a pain cause I was having trouble figuring out how to upload it and what was wrong
    with this and that. Finally got it going and this is what it turned out into:

    Thanks to anyone who supports me and this new series as I approach onto a new adventure with the newly given free time of previous events, I'd rather not get into the details of that :p. I'll try and regularly upload for those who may enjoy watching me :)

    DISCLAIMER: MILD SWEARING INVOLVED (I accidentally let it slip once or twice, depending on where you're from :p)
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  2. Note: For those who saw the first and are like "eh" sorry, it was just an introduction and the second will be me talking about what's going on, I promise xD
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  3. I've got Ep. 2 up right now, it's still processing but allowing people to watch now. So if you're that eager to watch it you may :p

    Note: It's a short video, I'll try to stick to 20min-30min normally
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  4. Update: Ep. 2 now allows full quality for those who wanna watch :)
  5. Update: I've added a new picture dashboard thingy and thumbnails to all videos now
    (Feel free to comment here if you please :))
  6. :p these are actually pretty entertaining :D make more, plz sir
  7. EDIT: You'll have to wait for later today (It's 1am now) :p
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  8. Hehe :p thought so
  9. There will be an upload later today, maybe done by 6pm EMC or so. 2 individuals got a shout-out (Without putting in books :p)
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  10. I had large problems and got 'em all solved now, should be done at around 1am .-.
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  11. Think you can raise the volume of your voice?
  12. Love the videos keep em up! ;)
  13. If you'd like a set of awesome thumbnails doing, give me a PM :)
  14. Yeah, I know I have poor mic sounds at the moment. I've been trying to up them up ^^;
  15. I wouldn't want to bug you every time I upload a video :p
  16. This next video sadly still has the bad volume, although I took it before your comments. So I advise for the time being with the first three to just turn up your volume high (I've saw no problems when doing this :p)

    And I will be finding the best volume from thus on!

    EDIT: No thumbnail until I return back from school, as I quickly uploaded this in the morning (5:30am)
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  17. UPDATE: I may or may not be able to release a video today, I'm working on trying to find a better program for my thumbnails, then I gotta design them, and then test the sound quality. So if there is one it'll be out very late
  18. I can do a template for you =P You'll just have to overlay the template on the background image :)
  19. That's all fine, I'm pretty content with a new template I just whipped up and added to all current videos. (Whenever they update to them that is though :p)
    Onto the audio testing!
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