EMC RuleBook Idea (a book on the cross-server, not in your inventory)

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After reading the first post, I...

respond positively to the idea. 9 vote(s) 69.2%
respond negatively to the idea. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
don't care. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. I have 2 screenshots, and they will hopefully convey my suggestion.
    1. Type "/rules" into the chat, as a command.

    2. The rulebook is opened, and ready for you to read it.

    Basically, this book would be setup in a similar manner to the cross-server Vault: it would be on what I call the "Cross-Server" - the server that connects all 10 servers. The hardest part would be putting this on the Cross-Server and rigging it to the /rules command. Perhaps "/rules old" could show the old (current) rules?
    The rulebook shown in the screenshot is 98% finished - the grammar mistakes on empire.us/guide/rules, one fixed, should be un-highlighted in my book.
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  2. I've also suggested making a written copy of the whole guide, hopefully the 2 ideas can be combined one day to make an official EMC Guide Book. :)
  3. I chose negatively because I thought of the "People will just toss it out without reading it." argument even though it is a good idea. There's also the whole "People probably wouldn't use /rules." I like the idea though, don't get me wrong.
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  4. I myself has read the book and though it was really well done. I am in full support of this book! :)
  5. `````I should say that my point is to enhance the "/rules" command in order to allow people to see the rules in their entirety, within Minecraft. Plus, it would be a showoff for the server.

    `````My point is not to force or encourage people to read the rules—my point is to enhance the "/rules" for those people that do use "/rules". After all, when I joined Empire Minecraft, I didn't even read the rules thoroughly—I got the answers to the tutorial from someone else who I was in a Skype call with! (I do not condone such action, and do not recommend it.)

    `````About the "People will just toss it out without reading it" argument—The likely danger of distributing books would result from the recipient selling the book to a villager. In fact, this was my primary worry for making books in Minecraft.

    `````There is nothing wrong with your voting for "negative response," because, do to my mistake, the poll implies that you should select your "first thought regarding the idea." I just wanted to clarify my idea. But thanks for liking the idea, though!

    PS: Try the website theme "Dark-Red!" The style changer is next to "Terms and Rules" at the bottom of this page!
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  6. Sounds like a great idea!