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  1. Ok, I remember a thread like this a long while back, but I really enjoyed it and I'd like to revive it without someone complaining I bumped a thread.

    Someone said this in chat:

  2. I looked for a few that I made but I can't find them! :/
  3. I've spent like 20 minutes looking, but I couldn't find the one of Aikar "You'll have to go through me"

    I tried remaking it but it... sucked.
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  4. I didn't delete it, I just can't find which thread I posted it on xD
  5. I thought it was the Virgin Isles pictures one. I went through a ton of threads you've posted on with no luck.
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  6. I used that background but I don't think I posted it there. It involved Max too, because of the quote that the meme referred to :p
  7. Make it again possibly? Saves time finding it at this point.
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  8. Will do
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  9. It's my favorite of all the EMC ones and I'd just hate for it to vanish haha
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  10. Umm this is supposed to say that minecraft is better than the greifers in the world :p
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  11. Announces amazing server updates
    OMG IT'S JUSTIN!!!!!!!
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  12. Not sure which to use but here we go.
    Edit: Dear god these now look creepy with adults in them.

  13. Wow...
  14. Lmao yeah. It looks kinda creepy. I wasn't thinking and they don't have any 12 year old Scumbag Steves.

    This happened to me a while back.
    I literally could not understand what he was typing and he was kinda being a jerk for some dumb reason.
    I was like. "Dude i cannot understand what you just said."
    He said he was talking "Cool" and that he would get me for what i did.
    The next day i find out he got three friends from school and they all have Assassins creed skins.
    The leader got banned but his friends are still looking for me.....
    It is also probably the funniest thing that has ever happened to me on EMC :D
    (Edit) Is it just me or is the picture gone......
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