EMC Referral Contest Monthly Winners

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  1. September, October, and November

    What is this contest and what are the prizes?
    Every month, EMC hosts a mini-contest for referrals. There are two parts: Clicks and Joins.
    • Clicks refers to the amount of NEW potential players that come to our site after clicking on your referral link.
    • Joins refers to the amount of players that join the game, after viewing the page.
    If a player is in the top 3 spots of clicks for the month, then they earn a Referral Block of Clickyness (a renamed Diamond, Gold, or Iron Block for decoration). If a player receives more than 5 joins, then they are given a bonus and can even earn supporter vouchers if they are the leading for the month.

    More information can be found here: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/referral-contests/

    Who won for the months listed?
    Unfortunately, no one went over 5 joins for the last 3 months. However, the clicks are still active as ever. We just need to get those join numbers up! Below are the results:

    1st: OmegadustMC
    2nd: Quartzic
    3rd: (no 3rd place due to massive tie)

    1st: OmegadustMC
    2nd: Olaf_C
    3rd: _cTj_

    1st: OmegadustMC
    2nd: salesman200
    3rd: Olaf_C

    Prizes will be delivered to the winners' vaults later this week.
  2. First! Congrats to the winners :D
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  3. Congratulations to all the winners. :D
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  4. Congrats to the winners!
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  5. Grats!! :D
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  6. Congrats to the Winners!
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  7. When was the 5 joins rule introduced? I never knew this existed.

    Thanks though :)
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  8. In order to get the bonus. Keep in mind that you still get a small amount when the player types in your name. We just offer additional 20,000 for every 5. Been there I think over a year now.
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  9. I mean, the referral contests never mentioned you must get at least 5 referrals. If I knew that, I wouldn't bother trying since 5 is a pretty hard number to hit every month.

    I know I referred a couple of people, and I would've expected to win if nobody else referred anyone.
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  10. Congrats all =) Spreading the word about EMC!
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  11. There are massive ties at 1 and 2 joins. We're talking ties of 10+ people. We can't give out prizes when that happens, so we have the 5 rule to make a base for prize handouts. Keep in mind these are supporter vouchers.
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  12. Krysyy, it's been a year now and I still haven't received my clickiness blocks ಠ_ಠ
  13. It can't possibly be a year, because these results are for SEPTEMBER.
    However, check your vaults. They should be in the first available slots. If not, then message me in private please.
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  14. I'm making a joke about how it's 2017 :p