EMC Redstone step-by-step guide with ingame/forum knowledgebank.

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Will you use a forum/ingame step-by-step guide to learn how to make your own redstone creations?

Poll closed Mar 24, 2012.
Yes 21 vote(s) 87.5%
No 3 vote(s) 12.5%
    • The Idea
    Making a flat-out explaining "guide" to Redstone, that will be based on individual posts with picture and text-based explanations with the possibility to log on a yet undecided EMC server, for an ingame 3d "showcase" of the Redstone circuit/creation.

    • The Concept
    The forum will be used as a search-function where all Redstone creations/circuits will be shown with multiple pictures and step-by-step explanations on "how and why does this work?" - please note that it will not be the basic step-by-step guide that makes you build something that you wont understand.. the first few tutorials will basically be "How does Redstone ACTUALLY power blocks" or "Why does Redstone not power when i..." and after every basic thing has been explained - we will start using the knowledge we have gained into making small, medium and large scale creations that can either stand alone - or be used in different contexts.

    Each forum "guide" will be have a reference number on it - guiding you at the ingame residence - where it will be possible to view, touch and try the creation your about to make.

    • The level of knowledge needed
    The "guide" will basically be going step by step from having no knowledge about Redstone and how it works, into being able to think and create circuits of your own...

    Every post containing a circuit/guide will be leveled from 1-10 by how much knowledge is needed to understand the functions behind the creation/circuit - and therefor people will a fair amount of knowhow will easily have just as much enjoyment out of the "guides" as the people with absolutely no knowledge.

    • Additional information

    Please note, the word "guide" is not fully accurate in order to explain the concept of this idea - it will basically be a knowledge-bank devoted to the EMC community and with the opportunity to learn something new.

    In order for me to not waste my time on an idea noone will use - i have added a poll that should give us a clear statement on if this is even a good idea.

    If it turns out people will USE this - i will take it to the next level of asking for a sub-forum and starting to look for people who wants to help out with this project..

    Its a "never-ending project" - and there will always be something new to build, write or read about!

    • Final note
    A Redstone creation is only as good as the people who tries to build it - lets make it easier!
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  1. Please, pretty please!

    I would love to have a resource like this :) I'll be your guinea pig...
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  2. This will be great thought In already good with redstone my friend once called me a guru lol

    but If this was here a month or two ago I would love you more :D
  3. With you being good with Redstone - it will just add more knowledge to the knowledge bank.

    There is always something to optimize when making Redstone creations - if its not the creation it self its the circuit size or function.
  4. True :)

    Ill start here :)
  5. The use of a t Flip flop is to effectively turn a button into a lever.
    : T Flip Flop=On Lime wool =Output 2012-03-17_21.54.26.png
    T Flip Flop Off=Off

    That is the most simple and size effective T flip Flop I have ever sen :) most others are like 7x8 in size :)

    Red Wool =Input (Button)
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  6. i know how much this would benefit others especially since the wiki is almost next to useless. i doubt i would use it however since i already have a strong knowledge of redstone and circuitry but again i know alot of people who would find this usefull.


    Ps i would be willing to help if needed
  7. Yeah just as i said xD
  8. well, lets face it - everyone can get better - especially after that t-flip flop :D
  9. Could use more oppinions.
  10. so far its a no-go even with only "Yes" votes.

    I need more feedback on the idea.
  11. Any redstone circuit I have made have been copies from youtube videos. It would be useful to know how a circuit works instead of just hoping the instruction are good enough to follow.

    I would also like to know how multiplayer lag/ glitches effects pistons and other devices. I have tried to copy some designs that work perfectly on SSP but become a nightmare to use on SMP.
  12. i can make a way of redstone with less using delay on long roads xD
  13. That will indeed be the "first part" of the how-to-guide.

    Making a full explanation on how redstone powers through blocks and how it powers pistons etc. and also how server "lag" (Ticks) effects your circuits on SMP.
  14. use a lever? lol if its the same
  15. But they stick out D:
  16. wow thats a huge problem xD
  17. Your t-flip-flop is fine - but still too big.

    This will also be a part of the how-to-guide, the above avg. knowledge guides ;)
  18. i know how to make a repeater signal with a lever ;) and it's very small
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  19. Its smaller than most :p