EMC Record(?)Diamond with 0 r

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  1. Today i have offically met 0 rupees exactly. I met it when i bought 2 blaze rods.If i am not the first diamond suporter with 0 rupees ever recorded please tell me in the comments. If the emc record's book is still around could i have a record for being the first ever diamond supporter with o rupees.
  2. People have run me out of rupees before when I was diamond, so no, you are not the first.
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  3. I know of others as well. Sorry to disappoint
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  4. How do people run out of rupees, I've never had supporter yet always managed to keep a decent amount of rupees.
  5. Bummer
  6. Its actually fairly easy if youre a person like me who asks himself "How do you get rupees?".
  7. Omg I disconnected.
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