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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something I created! So, I went to a website called typeform.com. It is so cool! You can make your own quizzes, and any formats of questions! So, I thought, I should make my own. So, I made an EMC quiz! The link is down below. Let's see if you're a true EMC'ian :)

    Link: http://emc.local/quiz/

  2. I thought you quit (again)?
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  3. Please keep the thread on topic, thanks!
  4. "Tell me something I don't know" - I like it! [HelloKittyRo at FireFloor]" - what do you mean?

    Also, you never made any of the questions required. You can submit a blank response.
  5. Hmm...why a quiz? lol
  6. 1. It's a song.

    2. You answer with random questions. There is no wrong answer.

  7. A quiz where you can't see the answers lol.

    Typeform is used for getting quick responses to build a simple database quickly. It's not really for quizzes XD
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  8. Some questions don't make sense, I think it is kind of rude to say "Who is the best staff". All staff are unique and good in their own way there is no best or worst. They are all good!!! Also some tips don't make sense at all.
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  9. Or for very very hackily connecting to things its not exactly supposed to connect to in order to do a queue system. >_< I can't believe that thing didn't die...
  10. If you felt like it, I'd believe you could use nearly anything for a queue system if you ghetto it up enough :p
  11. Did the quiz...>: D
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