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  1. Today I will be starting this thread for the new addition of the PvP arena, I want to be able to discuss it on the forums without getting into arguments with people. I would like to see how many kills people have, to check this log onto smp6, press esc, statistics, general, and scroll down.
    I have 2,138 player kills and aiming for 10k kills.
  2. Sweet you most be a good pvper. I'm not so much just ask mrunknownian.....
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  3. bump, just broke 2300 kills
  4. I killed bitemenow15 last night with one of my original dragon eggs.

    I though it was worth mentioning since he was my first kill...muahahahahaha!
  5. Very kind of you krissy :p
    I decided it would be funny to kill someone with a voters block...
    Aikar said lol 2 me.png
    Let me guess, bite said this when he was slain?
    bite just turded.png
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  6. Have you run out of OP Zombie Flesh yet?
  7. nope still have a few DCs left
  8. A few doc's :confused:
  9. PvP, My time to shine.
  10. I just killed someone with my
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  11. bump, does anyone else have 2500+ kills?
  12. I only have around 700, trying to get 10k as well but it'll take a while. :p