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  1. i think a pvp arena on EMC would be a good idea to let players release their inner savageness (i dont know) you would be able to telloport to the arena from any where in the town or spawn i will have further details later
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  2. EMC is a non-PvP Server, and probably always will be.
  3. an arena for this, sounds like a good idea. it seems like it could really be fun. i mean i know EMC is none PVP but i still think many people could have fun with it.
    handled like the mob arena is done.
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  4. This is the only thing I don't like about emc, no pvp, it would be a great addition

    Everything else about the server is beyond any other mc server
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  5. PvP usually causes people disliking eachother which usually ends up in arguments here and there.
    EMC is for everyone to like eachother.
    If you need proof I have one.
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  6. What might be nice is a pvp arena with names turned off. So you can fight but won't know who you're fighting so people stay nice to each other :D
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  7. And skins i presume?
  8. I like PvP. Yet I respect Aikar's and ICC's and Maxarias's NO PVP rule. Otherwise I would of dropped an anvil on somebody already :p

    And give up on getting PvP on EMC, it won't happen anytime soon :l
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  9. that is a little brilliant idea. lmfao
    but like they said, with random generated warrior skins so your identity stays unknown! lol
  10. Maybe something not killing but like paint ball or something with snow balls or what ever :D
  11. *cough Justinguy too *cough *cough
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  12. Aikar is working on a PVP server. There will NEVER be PVP on any of the current servers.
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  13. Dystopia :D?
  14. Yes, but I was in a hurry and couldn't type ever single staffs name :p
  15. Could be, or Dystopia would be another entirely different server, so we could have that and PVP arena server.
    You can forget ICC
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  17. Yeah the no name, no skin thing is a good idea sorry i couldnt finish my first post the bell just rang at school and i had to go to the other end of the school for my next lesson so i was kind of in a rush. By the way give this post a like if you like the new signature
  18. As JackBiggin told me a little earlier.
    Utopia/SMP will never be PvP.
    EMC will eventually get an all new server based on Player vs. Player.
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  19. Ha you have school :p
  20. Asking for likes are not allowed :p
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