EMC Public Park - SMP1 - 103

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  1. EMC Public Park is now open (still a W.I.P.) for all. This Park replaces the University that was planned - due to the build permissions required, I felt this was a better solution for this lot.

    Items include:

    - Workshop Area - Please take your belongings when finished.
    - Stoves - Again, please take your stuff when finished.
    - (Not yet ready) Enchantment tables - various bookshelf configurations for use.
    - Some 3d art by myself - not original design but still nice.

    The following are also provided for use - I am 'kinda' sorry to any merchants this effects (reasons for 'kinda' at another time):
    - Free eggs - YES FREE - follow signs, wait a couple minutes, walk away with a stack of eggs.
    - Self-Service Wool*Mart - again YES FREE...
    --- The Shearing Room has some rules that I can't enforce but gravely request.
    --- 1. Bring your own WHEAT - use on a few sheep.
    --- 2. Apply your own DYEs to the new lambs, if desired.
    --- 3. Shear THE LAMBS you created.

    You're welcome in advance :)

    Note to Admins/Sr. Mods - please cull the sheep and chickens if it effects the server. I only request that you leave some chickens in the water and WHEAT and leave the new lambs.

  2. Sounds cool. I am hoping to visit as soon as Justin updates the server; I'm on 1.1. :(