EMC Promotional Video

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  1. Hello, Jeanzl here.

    I saw all these EMC Promotional Videos and heyaroo's contest (very good videos btw)

    And I thought that I should make one with all my editing skills.

    I want to include epic builds and also Include everyone who wants to (you'll see).

    With a bukkit plugin I'll be able to spawn dummies with your skins if you say I can use your skin.

    Also for the residences if you want yours to be in the video then just leave your res number and if possible a few screenshots.

    So to be in the video just fill this form thing:

    Do you want your skin in the video (Y/N)
    Res number:
    Screenshots of Residents (Optional):

    Also I don't want donations.


    -Choosing Royalty Free Song-
  2. Name: Jeremy_Gutspear
    Do you want your skin in the video: Yes
    Res number: 1050 (Nearly done)
    Screenshots: Provided when done.