EMC Promotional Video - Need Ideas!

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Will this video turn out OK?

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  1. EMC Promotional Video

    Several weeks ago, heyaroo announced that she has made a contest for an EMC promotional video. I took this into consideration, but after a while, I gave up as it was too hard.

    After a bit of thinking, I've decided that I'll have another crack at it - this time more seriously. So, this video will highlight the key points of EMC (Your own 60x60 res, No PVP, Multiple Worlds, Amazing Staff etc.), it will also showcase some of the amazing builds on EMC:

    That's where you guys come in: To submit your res, please take some screenshots and post them, including your res number and what server you're on.

    I am also wondering if some of the Mods/Sr. Staff/Admins will like to be in a group shot too, and then a shot of all of the players that will be willing to come (I will post some details later when I've thought of the times/place).

    I will try and submit the video before the deadline and I'll also make a post about it, containing the video.

    I will NOT be accepting donations! I am not doing this for the money, but for the EMC community :)

    4005 - AlexChance
    10008 - Dwight5273
    10216 - marknaaijer
    14859 - cddm95ace
    LLO; SMP 7 - zulu9
  2. -UPDATES-

    - This is where updates related to the topic will be posted
    - Updated OP
    - Started Recording :D
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  3. Bump! AlexChance has kindly offered one of his res' - Thanks AC :D
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  4. You can do it Legend! :D
  5. 10008 (Dwight5273's res, im sure he wouldnt mind it in a video)
    2013-03-29_17.23.58.png 2013-03-29_17.24.10.png 2013-03-29_17.24.19.png 2013-03-29_17.24.29.png 2013-03-29_17.24.44.png 2013-03-29_17.24.46.png
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  6. Thanks Stew!

    Bump :D
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  7. My and my brother's res:
    2012-09-27_18.29.36.png 2012-09-27_18.29.43.png 2012-09-27_18.29.52.png
  8. i don't care i'm givingyou 10k. any attempts to repay will be crushed:)
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  9. Zulu9 has allowed us to view the LLO, thanks zulu :)

    We are looking for a few more outposts, so if you are the owner of one and you would like to showcase it, please contact me on this thread :)
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  10. Bumpity Bump :D
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  11. Bump!
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  12. Server: smp7
    Res #: 14859

    I know you know my res Legend, but I'll post a pic anyway. Good Luck
    STARK best.png
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  13. That's great Ace :D, I'll certainly use this :) Would you like the interior or exterior showcased?
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  14. I'm still working on finishing the interior, so exterior might be better, but feel free to record whatever you want on the res :)
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