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  1. Hi guys! So, you all know how the 4390 Mega Mall is being redone! (Information about that is in the first comment: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-promos-sold-by-ro.56810/#post-1023833)

    So, I'm starting my own promo business! Every time a new promo comes out, I'll place it in the shop. Some right now are being hung up, or shown. You may buy them.

    Prices and items (coming soon):

    These promos have high prices, and some don't. It depends on how rare they are, or how hard they are to find.

    We don't sell every single promo, only a few. We do sell some %30 off ones, but very rarely we do.

    NOTICE: We have nothing in-stock for the promos area do to the fact that the mall is being redone. The only section done so far is the food section. So please make sure you note this before buying. But, we do have some in the front of the shop in item frames. Please tell us if you'd like to purchase one and we'll give you it.

    PM me if you'd like to purchase any items and we'll give you it. Thank you for reading.

    HelloKittyRo|Promo Business
  2. 4390 Mega Mall:

    The 4390 Mega Mall is being redone. It is a very famous mall; a lot of people go to it.

    The only section done so far is the food section. This is located on smp2, with /v +4390MM.

    This mall is made by HelloKittyRo, who loves it. However, there is a Co-Owner. Let me guess, you'll think it's her brother, BearInATux (mcbear10)? Well, it's not. It's her friend in real life, TheDeathCat101 (CameronKitty).

    These people have worked hard; redoing the residences for days. Finally, they're working on the 2nd section of the shop.

    It would be kind if you could donate to the shop, it would help out all subjects around. So far, these are the donators (and what supporter they had when they did or team):
    • Kaptrix - Gold Supporter
    • DrMadFate - Gold Supporter
    • Southpark347 - Diamond Supporter
    • LadyJaye - Gold Supporter
    • DubChef - Diamond Supporter
    • BlinkyBinky - Normal Player
    • LovelyGurly - Gold Supporter
    • BearInATux - Normal Player
    • Zombieslayer0 - Normal Player
    • Krysyy - Community Manger
    • We3Mendi - Normal Player
    • MCTabletKid - Iron Supporter
    • Scobby366 - Normal Player
    • Maxxam1027 - Normal Player
    • TheDeathCat101 - Returning Player//Normal Player
    Thank you, donators.
    Do /smp2, then do /v +4390MM and donate in the donation box. Thanks.

    Also, let's welcome TheDeathCat101 back to EMC! He's been gone for a while, but he's back!
    He lives on smp2, with /v TheDeathCat101.

    Sections in the mall:
    Food Section
    Promos Section
    Combat Section
    Tools Section
    Materials Section
    Gems + Dyes Section
    Brewing Section
    Misc Section
    Redstone and Transportation

    More to be added soon!
  3. I never even new their was a 4390 Megamall LOL! But hey i know where i can shop now :D
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  4. :)