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  1. The 18824 Residence on smp9 town Owned by me is now selling and buying special items and many many promos,interested? Well get yourself over here today and get the item you have been waiting for, and maybe an item you want rid off, let me know if you want to sell, just by private messaging me on site, or come find me in game.

    Currently buying:
    • Gold vouchers: 200k
    • Iron vouchers: 80k
    • Flaming Mob Launcher: 140k
    • Ore Buster: 135k
    • 60k member armour: 140k per
    • Independence Helmet: 36k
    • Instructions: 10k
    • Cake parkour event: 8k
    • Holiday Messages/santagrams: 70k
    • IcecreamCow Valentine head: 150k
    • Rudolph: 50k
    • Marlix boots: 60k
    • Marlix legs: 60k
    • Second chance books: 2.5k
    • Dragon poop: 40k
    • Super dragon poop: 35k
    • Marlix chestplate: 60k
    Currently Selling:

    • Vault vouchers: 13k
    • EMC Treasure voucher: 180k
    • Feast For A King: 40k
    • ICC Skin: 10k
    • ICC Flesh: 10k
    • RainbowChin PvP Head: 650k
    • New year 2012 Firework: 50k
    • New year 2013 Firework 22k
    • Independence Firework 2013: 42k
    • Independence Firework 2014: 22k
    • Empire Firework 2013: 45k
    • Empire Firework 2014: 49k
    • Remembrance poppy: 16k
    • Haunted Head: 38k
    • Horsemask: 30k
    • Light Red Freedom blade: 29k
    • Taste The Freedom: 3k
    • Independence Chest,leggings and boots 46k
    • Holiday Pick: 70k
    • Thanksgiving Turkey: 1.8k
    • Spooky Egg: 32k
    • Magic Wand: 21k
    • 2013 Labor Bench: 30k
    • 2014 Labor Bench: 19k
    • Cupids bow: 26k
    • Lucky bow: 32k
    • Momentus toothpick: 100k
    • T Virus vaccine: 200k
    • Netherhound: 75k
    • Marlix bow: 110k
    • Dragon Stone Fragment: 2.5k
    • Book of colours: 50k
    • Ham hacker: 28k
    • 2013 Turkey Slicer: 50k
    • 2014 Turkey Slicers: 60k
    • Dirt destroying ticking tock: 59,999k
    • Gold voucher: 290k
    • Iron voucher: 160k
    • Stable Voucher: 11k
    • Holiday candle: 10k
    • Maxarian heads: 18k
    • 2014 cake: 16k
    • Snow device: 40k
    • Avalauncher: 400k
    If you have other special/promos to sell please private message me on the site or find me in game.
    Simply mail me the item you want to sell and ill pay you as soon as I get it though. and these prices will remain the same in till further notice.

    Thanks BT :D
  2. Thanks for the Ore Buster nfell2009 :D
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  3. Haha no problem. Are you buying of the starter armour/tools or the second chance book?
  4. I'll buy the second chance book?
  5. Thanks for buying the instructions luckypat :D
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  6. Are the independence armor per piece or total? If total I would like to buy them.
  7. Per :D
  8. I would buy your lucky bow. Do you have more than 1 maybe ?
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  9. yes come along and buy it :D
  10. Thanks to everyone who just come along and got a lot :D
  11. Few more things sold :D
  12. Thanks cutejulie
  13. A lot of stock back in :D
  14. Added new and in stocked some more items :D
  15. I have a question about the original post in your thread - is that an updated list or is it still the old one that was originally posted? Thanks :D
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  16. Im just updating it every time something changes and i'll let you know :D
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  17. Thanks for the information :D