EMC Pool Rennovation Request

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Would you like a better EMC Pool?

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Yes, I think it would be nice. 11 vote(s) 100.0%
No, it is better as it is. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I feal the EMC pool is getting a bit old. After all, it hasnt had many changes in a long time. So I think it is time for it to have some reforms! We must return it to its former glory, so the community will yet again, go to it for gatherings and parties, and such.
    Now, these are only a couple ideas, and I am sure the rest of you guys will come up with much more. However, I cant make any of these changes myself. Only the EMC staff can implement any of these changes, as they are in charge of it, and are the only ones that can change it. So, now, here comes the list!

    1. Make the pool deeper.

    2. Add some lifegaurds for the chair! As far as I know, there are not any as of now.

    3. In addition to the first request, under a certain number of blocks, turn the water, if possible, into lava.

    4. Completely Remake the pathetic bar, and make it look like an real bar, not just some building with 4 signs in it. Also, Water, Cakes, And cookies would be a good thing to sell there, along with some chicken, milk, all of your food things.

    5. Redesign most of the flooring as well as the smaller details. Make it more intericate and interesting.

    6. Finnaly, it would be nice to intergrate some sort of monthly party there, to make a sense of better bonding, as well as just to have fun.

    7.(JabZer0) Since the height limit was raised, make the diving board taller.

    8.(GameKribJeremy) Make it on a larger plot.

    Okay, thats about it. Please post any comments and Ideas, and to the Staff, try to implement the requests that seem fit.
  2. Where Is the pool
  3. Right next to the town spawn on SMP1. Honestly, ou should have known that. Unless you completly forsaked SMP1.
  4. I think you should be able to buy water bottles or buckets and some food items like cookies at the bar, at EMC shop prices. And maybe a cake option for real or EMC birthdays hosted at the pool...
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  5. I agree with Space. Shops with cookies and water bottles and cakes would be awesome :D
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  6. Also, now that the build limit has been raised, the diving platform needs to be raised too.
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  7. All great ideas and points. Added them to list. But we need to HAVE STAFF LOOK! They are the only ones who can upgrade it.
  9. The pool was my very first fun project when the Empire first opened. I think it might be fun to use one of the larger plots for the pool to make it that much better and add some of the suggestions you guys brought up here.
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  10. If that was in real life.... my word LOL
  11. Okay Jeremy. Thanks for considering it. Wish it was more defintive though.... On another note, thanks for all the support you guys have given this. With luck, and perhaps with Jerememy's supreme power, this may really happen! And does the pool have a teleport?