EMC Pool... and stuff

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  1. Ok so I decided to splurge a bit and pay $20 for a month of diamond.
    I'm redoing the pool -- also working on 911. I tend to remove stuff alot - i like to build.

    But i came up with a solution to have some of the more perm stuff under ground (below 64 at least) and need help digging or tnt/suphur.

    Now I will pay if asked or whatever, but I would like to get started.

    I'm asking for anyone who wants to dig go to 104 - any diamond members that wanna play with tnt - shoot me a msg and i'll get you perms.

    Sorry for the ramble - not enough (or too much) coffee).
  2. So, are we getting payed per diamond shovel like before?
  3. Erm atm no...

    I like hiding the diamond blocks - plus tnt is 'cheaper'
  4. What do you mean "Working on 911"?
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  5. Res 911 is mine as well. the wool farm / 9-11 memorial.
  6. Oh, I didn't realize. Will you be changing the memorial or changing the under layers (under 64)?
  7. NO - not again.... the memorial is being worked... just slow...

    gonna try and finish the 'Live Map' view next then i'll build the floors slowly

    any ideas for a floor let me know
  8. I just visited the 911 sight. I didn't know the res had been reset. Maybe that had something to do with "NO - not again"? Good luck on what ever you do with it.
    As far as a floor design goes I believe Battmeghs is trying to be a designer for hire.