EMC Olympics

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  1. As some of you on SMP7 may know, I am making my own EMC Olympics. So far all that is done is archery, but the games will include;
    Pig Racing
    and Running
    March 16th is the date that the games will take place, on my residence 15473.
    At the moment all events are full except for The Maze which as of today has only 4 spots left.
    (yes I know, this has been done before, but alot of things have been done before that we do today, no?)
    If you would like to help out please message me :D
  2. Cani be in archery? Also, I know a cool pig archery you could do.
  3. I'm holding an event exactly like this...and I announced it in August... :confused:
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  4. Oh, well I could rename it. Also what server is it on?