EMC now supports SSL

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Joshyy, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Ok something appears wrong with it now... Wonder if firewall some how got undone. Looking into it when i get home
  2. Ok I found there was an issue in the firewall, it appears the rule I added got dropped. I've ensured its added correctly now and its loading fine for me.

    I have also made the login forms always submit to SSL now too. So you can remove the link in sig now =P
  3. I have will remove the signature in a few moments.
    Apart from Gravatar causing chrome to warn me that not all elements are HTTPS (there a single link) everything seems to be HTTPS.

    Secure logins for all!
  4. Also note on emc.gs and empire.us, those only serve as redirects and do not serve content, so they do not need SSL.

    If you find content working on empire.us please let me know as thats a huge bug...
    and emc.gs is used for redirection only.
  5. There is also no way to prevent mixed security warnings on a forum. Everyones signature is going to throw up warnings about that...
  6. The only real important part of the SSL is that the login page & /account is secured. Which was my main (and only, really) concern in making this thread. Having site wide-encryption is not a bad thing however.
  7. The only empire.us url I have ever seen work. Are the live maps. (Should be a non-issue I assume though)
  8. Is this one of those free COMODO ones? :p
  9. No, it's a paid PositiveSSL MultiDomain. so I can put it on starlis.com too. I have it for emc.gs too but now I thought about that - it was pointless :/ it doesn't work for subdomains nor did we need it there.
  10. That's what I thought. I don't blame you with going for that, I installed it on my domain and it doesn't really show people much so you might as well pay for it. Good choice :)
  11. Once the site is upgraded, enable image proxy. That's pretty much designed as a fix for that.
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  12. My XP computer has a FireGL 3100 Workstation GPU in it and it runs mc at 60-80 FPS. around 40-50 with Optifine FPS stablization.
  13. http://track.empire.us/dashboard

    Does this count?