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  1. Alright I LOVE to do nice things for the servers I play on, and the nice thing I have done is make a post for EMC an the Minecraft Forums. Th post is not done, but I'm working and playing, so it's a little hard to juggle those things. I have used a link shortener to make the link a little shorter. Look at the post here: bit.ly/EMC-minecraftforum
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  2. Hey, thanks but we already have an official EMC thread there. GameKribJEREMY set that up a while back. Your effort is appreciated though. :D
  3. yeah but it is super nice of you to think about the server :) greatly appreciated
  4. Have any of you seen my post and seen how instructional it is and how I used spoilers?
  5. It looks good and I like your shameless plug for your own residence haha. :)
    Just make a banner in your signature on the Minecraft Forums with your name prefilled in the referral slot to up traffic for us. :) Much simpler and quicker.
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  6. Guess it's not allowed. Ive read the rules just in case.

    source: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum-161/announcement-47-forum-rules-and-information/

    Used to link my personal website , never had any troubles. ( that was before curse acquired the forums )