EMC Not Working?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by BeKaLuSa, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hello Empire!
    I seem to not be able to get on to the server. I have not updated, nor installed anything.
    When I try to access EMC (smp1) I cannot get into the server. It comes up with an error message reading 'outdated client'. Can anybody help me here???
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  2. Maybe you are somehow using an even older version than we are on?
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  3. Beka you have either mite have udated it by accident or you may have downgraded your minecraft
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  4. Sounds weird maybe you should ask this on the minecraft forum...
  5. You are using maybe 1.0 or 1.9 or even older. When it says outdated client it means you are not updated to what the server is on. Just update to 1.1 and there you go.
  6. I have 2 accounts on this computer I'm on. One has Minecraft v1.1 and the other is 1.2. Its not to do with the version's because instead of internal exception.java' it says 'outdated client'. I am not stupid and i didn't update or anything else. It could be my computer anyway as i went on a friends computer on smp1 and it worked (his computer was 1.1).
    Thank you for your support!
  7. You have an older version, when you start up your client, go to "Options" and press "Force Update!" and it will update you and let you get on
  8. The force update woudnt work since it would update to 1.2 and you still wouldnt be able to get on.
  9. That's different then, see if you can look on the forums for a solution, I'm sure there is a thread here somewhere...